Life goes on...

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Hello everyone. I'm back. Since my last post, I've gotten out of my state of depression. I had a surgery and my small intestine is now sticking out of my body. I have an ileostomy. It's pretty cool, but it gets annoying. Only 5 more weeks left until my next surgery. I'll get my stoma pushed back in and my plumbing fixed. It's awesome, but painful. After all of this, I'll be close to normal.
My last post was written because I was talking to my ex. She stopped talking to me again a couple of weeks ago. That's why I've gotten out of the depression. Are you allowed to hate the person you love? Because I do. With a burning passion.
Lately, I've been talking to a lot of girls. I'm exploring and taking things super slow. Like you won't get my number until I really get to know you. So I stick to email. Safer that way right? Oh well. Lexxi is my crush. She's really sweet, but I'm not going to stick to one girl because that's how I got attached to my ex. I limited myself. So I got attached and fell in love and then got my heart broken. Forget that.
I'm bored and I need someone to talk to. So message me your email and we'll talk?


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You've got a great outlook!

Good luck on your next surgery... and your return to the person you want to be!

As for your friends... you can never have too many!

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Thank you (:

This next surgery is going to be easy. I wont have to get a 4 inch incision again! It should run smoothly. And of course. I love new friends.
"The Earth turns from sanity."

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yay for talking to girls!

...but sorry you have to have so much surgery :(
You can message me anytime; I don't have much of a life so I'm on here pretty frequently ;P

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It's okay. I'll be all normal by the end of July. No more disease. Yay! And yes. Girls are the best and worst thing that have happened to me. Haha. And I'll message you then (: let's be no-lives together lol
"The Earth turns from sanity."

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Yay for not limiting ones

Yay for not limiting ones self.... *Huggles Jazzy*.... I mean who needs one when you can just screw the whole pot piece by piece... amirite... :P None of that emotional bullshit to get in the way and break your heart. :D I mean living the dream with a big ol grab bag.

And really for anyone who though I was joking. I don't joke much anymore. I was being dead serious in what I said. People you meet face to face are really only good to fuck.... unless they are your friends on the internet, then they are cool.

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Do you have an adjective that describes a person...

...who thinks like this:

"People you meet face to face are really only good to fuck...."? :(

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Awww ^-^

How sweet c: *hugs!* and why settle for one chip when you can have more?! Except girls aren't chips. They're human beings <3
"The Earth turns from sanity."