light at the end of the tunnel

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We've had another spat over high school. I want to take Italian and move back to Italy to home school, and spend my days wandering those deliciously silent streets of Venice. But Mom purses her lips and says that she won't "narrow my horizons" like that, that I'll get a better degree if I stay here. She says I have to see the "light at the end of the tunnel." I can see a light alright, but I might have to walk into it before the four years are up. She keeps talking about rights of passage and persevering. I just don't know if I can survive this.
I hate the people here. The teachers are stupid and the kids are mean or frivolous or both. I have only one true friend and I barely see her. I need to leave and I can't wait for three more years. These day all I can think is "I want to go home, I want to go home."
Even when I am home.


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I can definitely sympathize

I can definitely sympathize with this feeling. It is really hard to see that figurative "light at the end of the tunnel" when you're stuck in the middle. Just remember that, even if you do have to stay here for 3 more years, you can go anywhere you want when you're done! That's what I always told myself.

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I can understand and empathise with your statement...

...But your mom may be right. Although Italy is awesome, and so would be studying abroad, as it allows for so much development, both intellectual and personal, it might limit your school options....But what the hell do I know? I mean, I have flunked out of community college three separate times now, and am clearly not headed anywhere in life, so don't be quick to take my advice.

Also, try to see if you could incorporate your theater stuff-that combined with foreign language and arts stuff might actually benefit you.

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