has been one hell of an interesting week.

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So, this has been one hell of a roller coaster of a week. literally.

Firstly, there was the family drama with the mom and the sister and the moving of things from my dad's house in MT back to Washington, which was a fucking logistical nightmare...three households worth of crap to move in four days, sort through, consign, take to the dump, etc...

then, when my mom and I had finished a conversation via Bluetooth in her car with my sister, for some reason her phone stayed on, and my sister overheard our entire conversation in which I revealed my true feelings about my brother in that was SUPER fun.

Little bit of background there- I walked into a conversation I wasn't supposed to hear @ my nephew's first birthday party in which my bro in law and his best bud from college were talking in the barn...he was talking about getting what he needed from other girls elsewhere since my sis got pregnant and had the baby, and then when he realized I was there, he tried to shun me away towards the food, but the damage was done.

I didn't respect him much in the first place, and always thought he was putting on a façade, but after pissed. I hate people like that who have everything...a good job, a wife, a house, a kid...everything going for them, and they piss it away over a few moments of passion....stupid.

anyway, my mom and my sis yet again gave away a ton of things that were supposed to be mine, they were clearly marked, and they never made it back...I had to leave Montana early to drive home for work, so I missed the actual moving day that I wanted to be there for, and only about 2/3 of the stuff made it back from there to my storage sheds, which I went broke renting....awesome.

then, when I did get back, I worked through the weekend, and it was that was good. But come Monday, I received terrible news. I had won a pair of tickets to the mariner's game against the As on the radio, and had texted my old co-worker and friend Collin to see if he wanted to go, and I never heard back. turns out he passed away Monday night from a fall from a tower in Seattle's fremont neighborhood.

He was an awesome kid, and had such a passion for life and living to the fullest. I used to go mountain biking, skiing, and hiking with him, and we had even planned to go skydiving, since he was a diver....I guess he had drunkenly climbed the power tower to get a better view of the city or something according to witnesses, but he got shocked by 120,000 volts and fell 200 feet to his death...I guess it was the impact that killed him, not the jolt....

Collin always did like to live on the edge though....He was also a really, really cool guy. One night we were hanging out at a party @ his house, and he was talking about his bro's friend, who couldn't accept that he was gay, and how he wished he would just come out...that everyone was cool with it, etc...and after that night and that convo, he was one of the friends I was planning on telling....but then our schedules never lined up, me living on the other side of the sound a ferry's ride away and each of us holding down two jobs and school, and in his case, acting....plans just never worked out....

So anyway, I was supposed to head to hood river Tuesday night, but upon hearing of my friend's passing through facebook of all things, I decided to attend his memorial @ the ballroom, the bar he worked at in addition to the bike shop I was fortunate enough to have met him through. he would cover for me all the time at work, and the guy always had a contagious smile on his face.

anyway, about 400 people packed this small bar for his memorial....many faces I knew, many I did not. I had never met his bro or his mom, but I felt I needed to say something to them...In true Collin fashion there were fire breathers and twirlers, burlesque dancers and those girls who perform acrobatic acts on silk ropes....all in all, a pretty crazy send off, like he would have wanted...and a good chance to re-connect with old friends from seattle.

The next morning, I headed to hood river, and rode bikes for two days with and old friend....but man, age and injuries have caught up to me...after a few runs down the mountain, a handlebar to the gut and two bruised ribs, I was much for hucking the huge line one last time in memory of Collin.

After kicking back in hood river for a few days, I got back to reality, worked for two days, and then planned for the work weekend and several parties that were happening. My friend bailed on me for that mariner's game, but I found a few kids who needed tickets and we hung out in the pen for most of the game-it was college night, and there were sooo many drunk frat boys and their hot sorority girls, and the guys I was with were mackin' on 'em all....trying to get mumbers, etc....

after it was pretty cleaer we were going to win, I left, hailed a cab, and headed to cap hill, where a friend of a friend's band was having a CD release show, and friends were there. It was epic...a night of great live music from seattle, and I ran into my friend Kev on the street out side, and discussed and EDM/birthday show @ my friend pauls' venue the where?house...aptly named, since it's impossible to find... the next night.

headed home on the last ferry of the night, yet again, and I was tired as hell...

Couldn't sleep much, cuz so many thoughts were running through my head...a mile a minute, literally. Can't stop thinking about all the close friends I have lost, and the ones I would never have seen, like this freak accident, coming....and this a few days after I texted him inviting him to the game....and a week after telling my old friend RJ I didn't want to have to add his name to that tat I have been wanting to get-he told me he had been falling asleep w/ a bottle of vodka and Xanax pills. But it looks like now I will have to.

Anyway, here's to lost homies, and old friends who live on only in our memories.

And now for the other interesting part of my weekend. So, awhile back, I referenced one of my bullies in school who actually apologized to me for being such a dick and also for allowing his friends to be such a-holes to me during school. Which was awesome...well, he and I became much better friends this year...his dad passed away only a few weeks before mine, and we were both there for each other during that hard time....

As we were hanging out more and more, a few friends of mine who also knew him told me they suspected he was gay, and all I could say was way...not mike...not the popular, hilarious mike, who always has girls grabbing him by the arms, wanting to be with him, etc...not the mike who dated like 4 girls in our high school years...not that mike....but sure turns out he is....or at least he is bi...He invited me to his birthday party yesterday night in seattle, a long drive for him from Ellensburg, for his party on the hill. I agreed to go, but told him I would be a little late due to work....well....

a little turned into a lot...the ferries were about two hours behind schedule, and I finally got to seattle around 9. Now, that morning in the message he had sent me on facebook, all of the bars and pubs he put on his list to visit that night were known (to me) to be gay bars...(and he mentioned wanting to go to them because he was 'bi')every flippin one of we started off the night @ the unicorn, which some of you may know from macklemore's video where wanz is inside rapping about poppin' tags.

it was interesting to say the least. So apparently, if you leave your ID at the bar there, they give you this rad helmet, complete with a unicorn horn, brony hair, and probably every single form of hair disease/lice/STD known to of course, mike did that...a lot of fact, he went back and forth to put it back on like three times...and the bar only does this for birthdays...there were like 5 of them there that it was interesting.

One couple a few booths away from the party of 20 or so of us wanted a picture with mike, the unicorn, and they asked him to come over to their table...well, mike being the strapping young lad he is, who makes friends easily....he goes over there for the photo op.

next thing we know, heather and I look over, and the wife of the aussie is grabbing mike's hand and pressing it to her breast. and then, she grabs it and presses it to her husbands chest....apparently, they were in town for the night and looking for a third, if you catch my drift. lol.

after that, it was decided we were rolling on to neighbors or r place, dependent on his black girl wasted friend, who apparently knew her way around the hill,but she clearly did not. I should add, by this point, I was the only sober person in the group...that's right...I partied it up all night, and stayed sober as a bird....too bad I was running off of 5 nights of no sleep and was tired as hell. lol

anyway, so we get to the next bar, and bu this point, mike is pretty gone...I mean, a man can only have so many AMF's and unicorn jizz before he falls and passes the fuck out...but mike was strong...we went up to the third floor, and apparently earlier in the night, there had been a drag there were queens joke...we got to the dance floor, and it was hot as hell. 80+ degrees hot, people all packed in like sardines, and gogos in thongs and strip teasing all over the place.
I had to try and not look enthused, as there were girls there who were little sisters of some of my frineds, and those friends are people I would rather not know I was gay....

but anyway mike used his bday to come out, and explore his gay the end of the night when he disappeared and people started to worry about him, I found him downstairs waiting in line for the bathroom, which actually did have a legit glory hole...eww, I know.

But mike confided in me that he had a boyfriend, a boyfriend who was waiting to pick him up, and take him to their rented room @ the edgewater hotel for the night....holy hell! Was not expecting that! I have a feeling now that mike might actually be gay, not bi as he claimed, as his ex was at that party as well....but who knows, ya know? Maybe Kinsey was right and we all kinda slide on a scale or something? but yeah, I think I may come out to mike later this week, or at least when I meet him and his BF for coffee next time he's in town.

I still can't stop thinking about Collin and all my other friends I have lost. Here's to you, Donny, Andrew, Collin, leslie, miles, ziggy, lucas, luke, Robert, chris, hanna, Zach, steven, kyle, matt, chelsie, and everyone else I am too tired to remember at the moment...god damn, too many good homies and friends gone way too young. RIP!

and if ya made it thru all that, more powere to ya.



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Lots of stuff... not clear how Mike having a boyfriend makes him gay and not bi, though.

Also, when did you ride the roller coaster in all of this?!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles