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I saw two movies recently. Last night I watched a Serbian film called A Serbian Film. It's my new favorite movie. It has a great soundtrack, too.

Today I watched a movie called John Dies at the End. It was how I imagine doing acid would be like. Which is kind of relevant, since I checked out the Silk Road a couple days ago and found some cheap drugs. Now I want to do acid.

The reason I'm telling you this is because you should watch them. I know the first one is on YouTube (though you'll have to find a version that doesn't have the annoying voice-over or the annoying screen capture watermark). So I recommend you go and watch it right now, because it has some great symbolism.


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Seen on TV or DVD?

If not... why not just give us the URLs?

Anyway... it's good that you're sticking around through this hopefully-temporary end-of-school-year lack of activity!

Btw: "wanting" is one thing... "doing," however, signifies that you've already "lost it!" Please... we don't want to lose you!

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Here is A Serbian Film:

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Uh... Absolutely disgusting!

The only touch of humanity to be found in this film is when Milos explains to his son that he should use his hand to make the wheels spin faster.

Or maybe I misunderstood the metaphor?

Deletion of the YouTube might be a good idea. (Will probably take this comment along for the ride: just as well!)

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It's annoying how many people can't analyze the movie

and instead complain about how offended they were. Censorship of art is a terrible atrocity and should never be advocated. The point of the movie is to be inhumane. It perfectly demonstrates how cruel and unnecessarily over-complicated humanity is when it invents social dogmas, like jobs, that must be followed in order for anyone to survive, and how these abominations produced by society destroy each person psychologically and eradicate one's morality for the benefit of the predatory collective.

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Yes... I did see the message,

It was all that you said.

But... is it likely that I or anyone else will come away being more human after having viewed it? Does viewing this (hopefully fictitious) side of man's depravity, contribute in any way to my not participating? Is it at all possible that some, might actually be encouraged to emulate?

Also... how can the viewer know that this is not so far "over the top" and so pornographic that this must represent nothing other than the hallucination of some psychotic?

If any segment of reality can be so depraved... how is anyone's life enriched by knowing it?

What I came away with... "Does this in any way actually represent a segment of humanity... and, if so, what can I do about it?" Surely not enjoy it... or marvel at the art in its depiction (fiction unknown)... :(

My overall reaction: gratuitous mayhem and immorality! Possibly even worse than the opening of "Clockwork Orange!"

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I understand the underlying message this 'film' represents, however, is the depraved nature of this film really necessary? I think not. The end of this film is horrifying no doubt, but Art, I guess that's left to the viewer, but I don't see it the same way.