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It's been way too long since I've been one here and I want to update things!

Last year I applied to a really good private school here, knowing that it was a long shot for me to get in. Really my mom did the applying but it was my friend Michael who made the suggestion. He goes there and his dad wrote a letter of recommendation for me. We also applied for financial aid, which we knew would also be a long shot.

We were told that the selections would be made in March, and we would hear by May 1st if I got in or not. It's been a tense wait!

Yesterday I got the acceptance letter, with another letter that I was given partial financial aid in grant form. Turns out I was an alternate for acceptance if another student decided not to go which is why it took so long for an answer.

I was so excited I couldn't stop jumping up and down. My downstairs neighbors probably though I was going crazy on my Wii or something like that!!!

In other news my mom went halfers for the drum set that I've been saving up for the last few months, and I've been playing it like crazy. It's a Yamaha electronic drum set, cost a fortune but is worth it! My friends Michael and Micah have been jamming together, trying to do a progressive power metal trio thing. Now with a decent drum set I can work on playing better and doing different sounds. We wanted to audition for the talent show at Micah's school but we didn't have our sound together in time.

I've noticed there's lots of new writers on here since the last time I did a journal and I'm excited about that!

Thanks, Riley


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That's great news! After all that's happened to you it's about time something positive happens in your life!

I hope you'll starting writing on here again more often.


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