Dinge. Ja, Dinge.

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So I finally decided to watch the new My Little Pony cartoon. It's pretty neat, can't believe there's this huge fandom and all these conventions the fans setup. I think it'd be sort of fun to go to something like that, it's one hell of a pop culture phenomena. Anyway, crazy things, crazy things that one tries to parse.

I've always wondered exactly what these feelings really say about me though: Then we'll head to a class that we take. Being called upon and explaining how a music term should be worded and if we can grasp the concepts. Stutters will come from me, but with the answer, perhaps blushses. Funny how I have a little fondness for that teacher, he seems so nice. I exist in that class simply to please with correct answers.

Yeah, totally unexpected that part after the My Little Pony paragraph right? :-P

Sometimes I wonder. I'm not sure if it's because I wanted to be his favorite student. I felt so bad since most of the students in his class were such dolts. So cheerful in his advanced age he was, maybe still is, I've not seen him in a over a month since that class ended. I might not have always had the right answers though.

But I tried and I got a sold B in that class. I just wish people my age, especially ones in college, took things a little more seriously. I didn't mind though in the last part of those classes when I actually did have the correct answers. Most of them were simply becoming discouraged and stopped showing up.

Maybe I wanted him to have a fondness for me too, maybe I was looking for something, but I don't know what. Life is such a wonderfully complex puzzle, don't ya think?


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My Little Pony is amazing.

My Little Pony is amazing. It is really weird how suddenly the fandom craze began, and it would be interesting to research it as an example of the psychology of pop culture. The brony community is very united, very vocal, and occasionally very crazy. It definitely stands out among other fandoms. Sometimes I'm proud to be a part of it, other times...not so much.

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Very sudden indeed,

I happened upon a webring a few months ago which was for fans of a previous generation "mlp" cartoon. I believe it was My Little Pony Tales (which ran on tv in 1992), apparently that webring started in 1998. So basically there were adults who liked My Little Pony in that time frame as well. Very fascinating.