Maybe One, Perhaps

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This journal will be mostly a rant... Well founded I say, so lets begin. I can't stand people who think a Classical or "nylon string" guitar can be strung with steel strings. Whoever does this is either uninformed or reckless. It compromises the integrity of the; tuners, nut, frets, bridge and saddle. Not to mention it will sound like a dying animal when played.

Next thing that I will rant on. People in college / university who expect things to work exactly like they did in high school. No, you don't get a spare pencil from the teacher just because you forgot yours. It's called responsibility. Perhaps this person is also one that should invest in a wrist watch to avoid always being late as well.

What else is there? I don't know why this one thing bothers me but here we go. I don't like how a lot of people attribute the name Garō Densetsu to translate as Legend of The Hungry Wolf. First of all Garō Densetsu is phonetic translation of 餓狼伝説 (Fatal Fury), the correct translation.

And second, Legend of The Hungry Wolf is the name of the first animated special inspired by the SNK Neo Geo video game Fatal Fury or "King of Fighters" as it is known colloquially.

And let's go for one more. Earwax. It totally has a purpose but sometimes when I'm just getting to sleep, my ear canal gets a sticky and itchy. So there I am, in bed, and I'm like "what the fuck. this is happening now?". So I have to get up and carefully use a q-tip to dislodge the sticky stuff.

Then back to bed and this process may be repeated the following night, for reasons unknown my earwax prefers to do that.

Earwax fact: Africans and Europeans are more likely to have the sticky type of earwax. Who knew? Damn it wikipedia, you taught me something I have no use for. lol


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On that earwax issue...

If you've never had it done... just go to your health center and ask a nurse or doctor to check your ears. If excess wax is found (rather likely), they will offer to flush it out. It only takes a few minutes... and you'll be surprised at how great it feels... and, if your ear canal was truly clogged, you'll start hearing again! :)

This is a very common procedure!

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There was a point,

in which I had temporary hearing impairment in my left. But eventually the earwax drained out. I'm all good now though.

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You're probably not the best judge

Blockage builds up slowly... and it's very easy for one not to be aware. It's a good idea to have a nurse or doctor take a look; it just takes a few minutes...

Earwax "drained out"... on its own volition? Strange!

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Weird, I know,

it gets liquid-like and comes out on it's own.

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Earwax sucks!

I have the same earwax issue and I use Debrox, it keeps my ears clean and hearing good. Really important when you're a drummer!