Oasis next steps...

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So, although the ongoing crashing was less than ideal, and will take a while to recover from as far as people expecting the site to work when they come here, it does mean some positive things.

We are migrated to a new, faster server. And, we also took measures to reduce the spam crawlers from bringing the site down. Most of those things should be invisible to you, although the front page of the site is changed slightly for this (there is now only a next button to read more articles or journals, since our old one had like page 1, 2, 3, 4, etc., which meant every additional link gave the spam crawlers more places to go, and filled up our cache servers, which resulted in downtime after a while).

The bigger deal is that we're now on a site where I have access, and we've set things up in a way that I can also get another developer to add features and upgrade the site a bit.

Hold on to your feature requests for now, as I will be coming up with a list of plans that I will post in the short term, and we can hash things out then. Once we have a list, I will find a developer or two to weigh in with how much they expect it to cost, and then I'll crowdsource the cost through indiegogo (as a lot of former Oasis people are now people with jobs whom I know on Facebook, so they can hopefully pay it backward!)

As Oasis usage tends to follow the academic calendar, I would love to have a lot of new things in place for September. We'll see how it goes...