Ode to an Eye-Booger

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Oh blurry thing in my left eye,
why do you visit my eye this time?
You usually don't show up a lot,
but when you do I blink you out.

Blurry thing in my eye,
if you're a cataract say goodbye,
if you're dust, that's cool,
maybe I'll dust this room,

Blurry thing in my eye,
are you always nigh?
For what and why,
do you fancy this eye?

But soon, like always, you then depart from my eye.
Then maybe I'll see you, whenever you come back, next time.


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Pretty good. A new title just occurred to me though, 'Ode to an eye-snot'
What do you think? LOL!

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I like that one!

Would it be cool if I used it?

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Of Course,

Have at it.