Omg I'm a murderer!!! :'(

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Omg so yea the title explains it all. But don't freak out y'all no humans were harmed. So I've taken up archery as a stress reliever and it's really been working. I've used the old shed in my back yard as a target and lets just say it sorta lost a door lol (I was real mad that day) but anyways if you see where my house is you'd see huge fields to the left and in the back and we usually see a lot of little creatures in our yard like snakes,opossum, and anything else that wanders in but my dog usually takes care of them because they all come in through the back yard. But this time a family of armadillos moved in under our house and my dog took care of the mother but the children dug up my moms flower garden and one day my dad caught them and told me to get my arrows and my bow and come to the front yard. I saw them in the bushes and I already knew what he wanted me to do. So I loaded an arrow and the whole time I'm thinking "please miss please miss please miss" but I just took a deep breath and fired and shot it right through it's side and jammed the arrow into the ground so it couldn't get away. Then I just buried it in the garden. So yea I'm a freakin animal killer and I haven't picked up the bow since.


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No your not,

You did what you were asked to do. I will say, the first time you shoot an animal, it doesn't(or shouldn't) leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling, but sometimes it is necessary. I'm not sure what threat an Armadillo poses, aside from garden-raiding, we don't get them up here in the Northeast. I encounter problems with squirrels and groundhogs mainly. I have two squirrels that decided to chew through my house's trim and they've begun nesting. I shot one last month, but the other one has been quite elusive. You wouldn't believe the damage they did to the insulation. They shred it, shit and piss where they please and love tearing up anything comprised of cardboard. They might look cute but they are little bastards. I have no quarrel with the ones that live in the trees(and I have lots of trees).
So, pick up the bow again and just shoot targets(home-made or otherwise) because it is a very good stress reliever and it's fun. Were you using a compound bow or a long-bow?

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I guess you're right

Tbh I'm kinda happy...not about killing the poor thing but about me actually hitting it on the first try. But I'm gonna go back to tearing up the shed and tbh I really have no idea what kind it is ^_^'

Keep It Real and Keep It Cute :)

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A compound bow has cams on the top & bottom of the arms. They are adjustable with regard to how much power or FT/LBS. you want to use and that depends on what you're trying to shoot.
A long bow is one piece with the string tied to the ends. Typically, compound bows are much harder to pull-back and practice is key for getting used to the sights. They are also more accurate. I shot a ground hog with my compound a few years ago(right between the eyes). I was shooting from a blackberry patch about twenty yards away. My sister called me a murderer, but I reminded her the damn thing ate about $30.00 worth of Marigolds that I had planted with my Tomato's as a natural insect repellent.
A man has his limitations, ya know.

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Oohh well it's a long bow

Oohh well it's a long bow then...and dang how the hell could you get a shot between the eyes? :O and I guess I should start practicing again lol and I need to get more cuz some are kinda bent :(
Keep It Real and Keep It Cute :)

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I used to just shoot targets set up in the woods near my house. The groundhog dug a temporary hole under my compost pile which faced my house. I waited(appx.20 minutes) for him to come out of the hole. I was somewhat camouflaged by the blackberries and when he poked his head out, I shot him. Like I said, compound bows are very accurate and his head was my only point of reference.

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Everyone who had chicken, beef or pork is a murderer. It's not a very exclusive club.

Just cook it up next time and you'll be one step ahead of people who make others kill for them:

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Sounds like the daily special at the Road Kill Café.

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Hope you were careful,

Armadillos are known to carry a few diseases that tranfer to humans.

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My sister stepped on and killed a baby rabbit today.

She and I are both very upset about that. Death isn't fun.

If I were you, I would have refused to shoot the arrow at all. But whatever, you chose to brutally murder an innocent creature, so have fun with that.