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In a week I'm going to this summer program for Shakespeare. I'm so excited! We're going to be studying one of his plays, performing it, and preparing a monologue for any future auditions. I get to meet people who will be into stuff I'm into. I get to escape this house for a few weeks. Not to mention the great Shakespeare studying.

I'm kind of worried though. I'm usually really quiet and socially awkward, but I don't want to be. I want to make a good impression and make a few friends. Not only that, but I'm worried I'll be too thrown off by all the new people and I won't perform at my best, especially during casting.

I also have to pick three monologues from which I will eventually pick one. I have about five in mind, but I don't know what to look for in them. One website said to pick one that plays to my strengths, but I don't know what my strengths are.

Also, my dad lost his job again. So now he feels insecure is moody, which is making my life difficult. I mean, he makes my life difficult when he has a job, but then the problem is he's condescending and arrogant, plus he's out of the house most of the time. At least I'll have this camp for three weeks.


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Keep in mind, you're going to a group of self-selecting people who like Shakespeare and acting. So, quiet and socially awkward is probably the norm there.

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Well, it's super helpful

Well, it's super helpful that all of you share at least one big thing in common, which is your love of Shakespeare. Typically when you put a bunch of people who have a common interest together tons of friendships are made and the awkwardness is temporary. That's why you see so many friendships made in places like church camps or basketball camps or whatever. So, don't worry too much!