System Instability

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We just moved to a new server, and we're going through some growing pains.

If you notice any problems with the site, leave us a message here so we can follow up on it.

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Just as an FYI...

The new host is on a newer version of the web server we use, and there is some issue at times where things are timing out. Typically, this is not an indication that any specific feature (pm's, commenting, writing a journal) are directly affected, just that the command isn't getting through as it should.

But even so, please report anything you find here, so Adrian can get it happy and sorted.

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A very minor issue...

When "x new comments" appears at bottom of a Journal... one clicks on this hyperlink and reads the referenced comments... returning to the original Journal, the "x new comments" remains there! :( This behavior reflects a change from previous iterations of Oasis...

However... just refreshing that page causes the "x new comments" to disappear... as it should!

If necessary... I'm sure we can become used to this "feature." :)

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There is more caching going on now, to save us on server traffic. I'd expect this behavior to continue.

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I'm just glad Oasis is

I'm just glad Oasis is back!