Temporal Visions of Non-Realities (Dreams)

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There I was, in a home of someone I didn't know, yet she in her old age came from a door and greeted my as if we had been long time friends. I greeted her as she did me. That day she had decided to show me a new antiquity she'd aquired. A beautiful broze lamp that showed it's age graciously, and that wasn't the part that mattered.

No, this lamp was special, you see it had a little swivel attached to a piece of circular glass from the lamp. It looked almost like one of those close-work lit-magnifiers. But it was not that way, so it was similar to a magnifier. But upon further inspection this piece of glass was painted, but I couldn't quite tell what was there.

Upon turning on the lamp the lamp shade, also bronze, had a hole at the top. And when placing the piece of glass on the swivel above the hole, the ceiling illuminated with a scene of a man and a woman both making their way to their little home. It was indeed beautiful, a sight to behold, oh it really was.

And that's where that dream ended. Two smiling people brought across the age gap to each other by a wonderful piece of art.

The other dream I had just last night was one of mystery, danger, action, and lots of secret agent type stuff.

There I was, running from a group of people, far in the lead, they were almost out of sight. Making my way through halls and climibing and descending flights of stairs. To the top of the glass building, then to the side of the glass building where I made my way through a door. I remember meeting another person, probably on my side.

She told me to take something, can't remember what though, but I took the unidetifiable object with me and ran again for the group was once again on my trail. She stayed behind for some reason, but unfortunately to me, I heard gun shots. I knew it was too late for her, but I remember thinking, "what the hell started this?".

I then made my way almost out of the building down a winding tract, similar to those found in multistory car parking lots. I was almost out by ambushed by a lone gunman, he shot me once in the shoulder, then again in the stomach, as if he was trying to shoot me in my heart. I saw large holes where he'd shot me.

They definately weren't small bullets. He intended to kill me, but then he just watched me, as I fell to the floor in shock, and I tried to get the bullets out of the wounds. But all I got was lacerated tissue and blood. The dream ended by me lying down and accepting that this was the end and everything slowly faded to black.

I'd only remembered the full dream a little while ago, thought it would make good journaling material. Someday I hope to write a book based on some dreams I've had, they do make good creative writing. Let me know what you all think.