The Birds And The Bees, Amish Style

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I wanted to write this time about sex ed, Amish style, really based on what my uncle and grandpa have told me. It's funny in some ways to me, kind of sad in others.

For starters, most Amish kids know very little about sex. Teens know a bit more, especially if they help with farm animal breeding. Most teen girls have no idea how a baby is really made, but the idea is ignorance will prevent teen pregnancy. That's a big part of how I happened. Girls are told that periods and boobie growth is just signs that they're getting ready for marriage

When boys go through puberty they're also told that they're bodies are getting ready for marriage, and wet dreams are just part of that process. Some Amish teen boys sleep with a sock on not make a mess if they have a dream. A really big insult is being told to "put a sock on it".

Masturbation is just a really bad thing, and being caught is worse. When I was 10 my grandpa caught me with my shorts down touching my stuff and he told me how he was caught when he was 13 doing the same thing. He was taken to the barn, had his pants pulled down to his ankles and his father and some of the older boys took turns using a strap on him. The younger boys were brought in as witness to what happens to "sinners".

In each community older boys keep an eye on the younger ones, keeping them away from non-Amish things and temptations, and especially away from the English.

Luckily for me he used that as a lesson in how to keep my boy parts clean and didn't make me feel bad about it, but the next time I did it I made sure I didn't get caught.

My uncle's been much more open about sex with me than my grandpa was with him, and he even gave me a sex ed book that had a picture of a naked teen boy that I think was what woke me up to being gay.

I sometimes wonder what my life would have been like if I was growing up in an Amish house, living that lifestyle, knowing that I was gay?

I just don't know, and I'm thankful that I don't have to find out.



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So, the takeaways are, I wouldn't want to get sex education from the Amish, but I wouldn't mind being caught masturbating by them...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Funny thing is growing up in

Funny thing is growing up in a. Christian family its not that much different although we knew what it meant to be going through the changes in your body. At church we were just told not to have sex but that's about as far as thing went no one revisited the subject so yes I see where you coming