You Know What I Hate?

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I hate it when people talk about themselves 24/7. Like even if you try to change the subject, they turn back to themselves. If you want to talk about yourself, look in a mirror and chat away. I don't need your life story all in one day. I can barely handle my own life. Thanks.
I also hate it when people ruin my day. If you do that, and you are in my presence, I will kick you between your legs. Guy or girl. It's mean. You don't see me going around making you feel lower than cow poo, do you? Of course not. I'm not like that. If I don't have anything NICE to say, I don't say ANYTHING. Simple as that. I don't care who you are.
I also hate when my hoodie strings aren't the same size. It's a weird habit to fix them. Same thing with shoelaces. And straps on bags. It's annoying.
I hate it when I lose my place in a book. I choke my book until it tells me where I was.
I hate messing up when I dance. I kick my own butt for that. If it's not clean and close to perfect, then I shouldn't even be dancing. I've been doing it for so long, I should have dancing down to a science.
I hate crooked teeth, yellow teeth... well just jacked up teeth. I like straight white teeth. Otherwise, don't try and kiss me or talk to me because I will drag you to the dentist and have them drill on braces and brush your teeth until they bleed. Amen to the people with good teeth. I like you already.
I hate it when people interrupt me when I'm talking. It's so... hey shut up! I'm talking. Like I was saying. It's so annoying and rude. Let people finish their sentence or they will lose their train of thought.

The end! ^.^


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I also hate the hoodie strings....


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