Midnight Ranting

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Now isnt the time to worry about grammatical mistakes but whether what Im feeling is told.

Recently brother (I dont say my" because it's as if i claim ownership of people or family i dont consider a part of no matter how many times it's said We love you support blah blah it doesnt repair damage done in the past) and I had a job interview where our aunt works and there was a possibility both of us were to have the job but only he was called and is going this friday. Oh what a wonderful feeling it creates. i didnt get it because when asked to name a weakness of myself I did not Lie: tempermental though i reasssured it doesnt affect my work blah blah knowing it wouldnt change shit. damage was done. i fucked up. honesty: what a hack value.

and im writing now because an active mind obsessing over whats wrong with his life and why he doesnt stop thinking does not fare well at night. so I write this


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I'm not certain job interviews require such an open, honest response. They are a verbal dance.

Otherwise, the response everyone would give to "Why do you want this job?" would be "Money."

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles