Pieces Frozen in Time

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I was browsing about at a thrift a few days ago, a few days after the last journal I wrote. I found this nice antique styled Singer sewing machine that was dated about 1951. It was styled after the older ones from the late 19th century to the early 20th. It's little table it was built into had about four little drawers.

Inside the drawers I was surprised to find many old buttons, some even in new packaging, never opened. The date I saw on one of the packages I found was 1969. There were a few little things unrelated to sewing too, like a little blank letter stamped with Postage 6¢. Even a little transparent American Flag sticker for a window in there too.

There was also a compartment that stored extra parts for the sewing machine. I assumed replacement parts, some screws, and a very old pair of cast iron fabric scissors. I found myself looking through the various things, and small personal effects. The sewing machine as a whole appeared to be frozen in time, a still life.

As if one day the person who used it got up and left it. Wholly untouched, even when donated and put onto the floor of the thrift ready for sale. And there I was looking through it. Among more items was a little picture in grayscale. It was of a baby boy or girl by a sofa, on the back of the photograph was written "11 months" in fading ink.

Priceless little pieces of someone else's life and their work.


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Did you buy it? Maybe you'll end up on Project Runway...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I couldn't possibly, it just wouldn't feel right taking the whole of it. The little momentos and such. It had more sentimental value to someone than monetary to others as it stands now. I wonder why the donator never looked through it to check if any possessions were left behind.

Although not a strange occurrence, since I have many tales of little left behind things, I always wonder.

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An estate sale (aka, the owner is dead).

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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A probability,

such a shame though.

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Once a Similar occurence happenned when browsing for hardcover books and a dark jade green had papers jutting from the top so seizing hold of it, I opened and found a bookmark of an owl sent as a gift on easter, 1979, comic strip about wine tasting, map of a bank in Texas, a poem taped with the same poem on the back.

And then I found a Vietnam-era camoflauge jacket with a green patch and a black one on it. Using prior knowledge I deduced it belonged to a private in the 1st infrantry division otherwise known as the Big Red One. Neither was it big nor red but I believe it's black to blend in with the humid jungles of Vietnam.

That is all... for now.