Positive Energy Transfer

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Never got a shitload of positive energy like the one yesterday night. So I was at this Deli on the Eastern quarter with my family. And fuckin' out of nowhere this dude is like outside restaurant window rocking out, taking rhythmic drags of his cigarette and soda. All that while rocking a cool purse on his shoulder. That dude rules!

Maybe I ought to invest in a purse... Hmm...


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Indeed... :D Frankly I think

Indeed... :D Frankly I think a purse decorated like your avatar would look pretty sweet... Though any color combo would still make it look nice :D

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You may appreciate (or not) that the sex club in San Francisco was (is?) called the Power Exchange. Your title made me think of that, heh.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Could easily be turned into

Could easily be turned into the title of porn movie, or erotic story/novel also. :P

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Yes that is cool indeed. Feeling the positive energy.