Summer Of Suck

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I wish I could come up with a more positive title, but sadly it fits : (

I haven't been on here since Easter, not out of laziness or lack of desire to write on here but just too many things going on at the same time. I was integrated out of Special Ed classes and it was a tough adjustment, but my friends at school helped me out and iMadeithappen! Haha I've been saving that one for a good time to use it.

Right after school let out for the summer my Dad and I were in a pretty bad car wreck, on the way do believe it or not check out a new car. I just didn't fit well in the back seat of our car and had to sit sideways in the back seat to even be slightly comfortable. Being almost six and a half feet tall will do that!

I can't say much about the accident because of the lawsuit that's going on but it wasn't my Dad fault, I can say that. He got banged up pretty bad and his back's bothering him, and I have a broken left foot and a couple hairline fractures in my left leg. I'm in a bit of pain all the time, and take painkillers before I go to bed so I can sleep, but I don't like how they make me feel.

It could have been a whole lot worse, and I know that. I'm just glad we're alive.

The accident has completely changed our summer plans. One of my Dad's friends (and former coworker) in Belgium invited us to his parent's home in Marseille, France to spend a week and watch the Tour De France, but we had to cancel because of our injuries. Neither one of us would have been very comfortable on the plane trip, and Dad has some trouble getting around. I'm pissed, I'll just say it. Why deny it?

I have a summer job, helping some friends with their three autistic sons that the parents admit are a handful. They have trouble getting them in any kind of summer day care because they're, well...difficult. For some reason they calm down a bit with me (Asperger's mind reading????) and they are manageable when I watch them. It was going to be me and my boyfriend Matthew watching them together, but because I can't get around that well they're letting my newer friend Hayden help out. We just split the money equally three ways instead of two, but it's still good money.

We also have a band going together so it's a chance for us to hang out and come up with ideas, but most of the time is spent keeping the boy's happy. The one boy can't talk so he communicates through text messages, which is funny. He's also incredibly smart, smarter than I think his parents understand. The other two are just a handful, and STUBBORN!

I know July is only starting, but I hope that the rest of the summer gets better. I don't think it can get any worse for me.



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Hope you're feeling better and healing up properly. Painkillers are pretty amazing things, as I had them once for a root canal. My dentist seemed to know what he was up to, because my last pill felt way different than the rest, because I was out of pain, so it was sort of just enjoyable without pain to make disappear, so it does become very apparent when you don't need them anymore.

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I just take them to sleep

I just take them to sleep and if the pain's real bad, but I try to avoid them because I get dizzy. The broken foot is actually pretty bad, I had to be knocked out so it could be surgically set...that wasn't a good experience : (...

I've been told that I won't be able to walk normally again for at least 3-4 months, and I'll have to have physical therapy, which I've been through before.

I really am thankful to be alive!


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I'm glad you're alright! I'm sure your summer will turn around; I've never gone an entire summer without at least one really fantastic week.
It's cool that you're taking care of those autistic kids. I've worked with a ton of kids with "different abilities" and it can be a little challenging to say the least. There's one I deal with a lot who posts stuff on my FB page and stuff & it can wear on you sometimes. I admire your patience :)

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It's already getting better,

It's already getting better, thanks : )

The autistic kids are very difficult but the oldest, who won't let his parents touch him comes up to me all the time and lightly put his arm around my waist. It's such a small thing but a huge step for him! Matthew made of video of him doing it to me for his parents who cried when they saw it!

You're right, I'm very patient. I'm really thinking about being a special ed teacher, I think I have the ability to do it.


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That does suck Sam, I hope you and your father make a quick recovery.
And, be patient, it's usually 2-4 weeks for hairlines to heal. The foot will be longer. Almost a year ago, I had to stop playing hockey because I fractured my right Tibia while blocking a slap-shot. I didn't realize the extent of the injury for two weeks, as I continued skating twice a week, until the pain got so bad I couldn't push-off with my right foot. My doctor was like" You skated on that!?" Heh, he just shook his head.

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The hairlines hurt the most,

The hairlines hurt the most, not so much the foot which was stuck under the front seat. Getting me out of the car still gives be nightmares, and every once in a while I have a flashback to the impact. When that happens I just shake really hard and almost jump out of my seat. If I take a painkiller before I go to bed I just sleep and wake up the next morning, if I don't I have nightmares about the crash.

It's funny my dog comes to me when I'm really hurting and lets me squeeze her and it's help reduce the pain.

I have to sit on a bench to shower but Matthew comes over to "help" me, makes things a whole lot better ;-)) My other Dad keeps saying how high the water bills going to be lol!

I just have to be patient and make sure I don't do anything stupid until I recover.


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Can definitely sense when someone is sick or injured. I know my dog always is by my side, even when I've been too sick to walk her.
Yeah, showers are a pain when you have a cast, but I'm sure Matthew takes 'very good' care of you, if I were a jealous person, this would be a perfect time to show it!! Take care and no dancing for a while.

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Sorry to hear about that,

I wish you and your father the best Sam2000. Try to keep optimistic, it can really help during a situation like the one you're experiencing.