Things are going ok :)

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So I really kind of suck at this keeping up with the journaling thing.

For a long time, I wasn't having luck with signing into Oasis, for some reason it wasn't working at all. But it's up and working now and so I figured I'd take advantage of that.

I feel badly that I haven't kept up with the journals. Part of the reason is that I feel like everyone's new and so I won't know anyone, I'll be out of that loop. But to be honest, when I was a newbie here, I used to hate when people made it sound like they suddenly were better than Oasis or something.

Anyway, I don't feel like it's "past me" to journal. I don't feel any greater-than or less-than. The lack of journaling is really not something I planned.

Let's see what to update's summer right now so I don't have classes. I just came back from the IOCDF Conference, which was awesome!!

I couldn't be out at the conference because I had already pre-registered to stay with a female and so that meant I was expected to be female. I did come out to some of the people that I met, though. Anyway, there's someone I met who...well, let's just say I have a special someone in my life right now ;)

There's so much other stuff--good and bad--that I could talk about, but I first want to know if anyone's out there, reading this.

I'm not saying this for drama or attention, but I understand if you hate me for not journaling. I'm upset with myself about that, too, trust me. But I hope you'll give me another chance.



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Hey Eli... Yama is here :)

Hey Eli... Yama is here :) Though Yama hasn't changed much, well maybe some... I don't know. I could say that I have myself changed quite a bit, but my social life has not changed. It just amazes me what you people are able to accomplished, especially when you actually know stuff exist... or have the money to go... and have the transportation... or have the driving skills... and have support to be able to go... and actually understand any of this kind of thing without getting confused and overwhelmed before you can have fun :P

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:) hey Yama. I have to

:) hey Yama.

I have to admit, I did get a bit confused reading your comment, but I did stick through to read til the end. Haha!

Anyway, my social life is a mountain. Its not easy at all, but I'm working on it. Anxiety really plagues me in most aspects of my life, and unfortunately, social situations are not spared from that. It's been very hard.

Anyway, I work on trying to get stuff done, but it amazes me when others get stuff done. I'm especially amazed, for example, the progress people make, even if it's the people on here just from when they first start out to when they become one of the veterans on here.

Not sure if I'm making any sense.

Funfact: I don't drive (I dont have a permit or license). Do you?

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Funnier fact: I have a

Funnier fact: I have a drivers license, but my paranoia makes it very hard to use because I am so on edge while driving. Plus that causes quick tiredness because I am not relaxed, and this causes me to just sort of haze out. Long story short... It is not exactly a safe thing for me to drive because of how easy I panic when I get scared thinking I have made a mistake even with a simple lane change.

That still doesn't tell me anything though. It is obvious that you are able to create a social, but you don't tell me how you do it. I need a very detailed explanation so I can try and figure out how to shape the details to suit my needs. I am in sort of a socially limited environment, and I don't feel comfortable in places with more options because I don't feel that society itself it on a sustainable course. I don't want to be in places were things will go wrong the worse. (By this I mean a fuel loss type of thing. My shrink tells me that for a paranoia about the world ending, that is actually a rational one.) Plus there are many other factors involved especially my desire to raise a large number of birds and other fowl as pets.

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what would you like to know

what would you like to know about me?

and call me weird, but that driving thing makes sense to me.

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Hello friend! It's been

Hello friend! It's been awhile, I was wondering where you'd wandered off to. It seems we've lost a lot of the people who frequented this site when I was still a newbie, but it's nothing to grieve too much over. People get to a place where they don't need this site anymore. My time is coming very close as well.

Anywho, glad you're back!

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aw, i would hate to see you

aw, i would hate to see you leave :(

thanks. i'm glad to be back!

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There were issues on our old web host. We are on a new one now.

I never thought people were better than anyone else because they no longer feel they need Oasis. If you have stuff to sort out, and it helps, at some point you may not have those things to sort out anymore. And, if you stay long enough, the site does stay on a bit of a constant cycle with new users who think they might be gay, have a crush on their straight friend, and on and on. At some point everyone was that user, then they wrote on other people's journals who were going through the same thing, then they write on people's journals they don't know who are going through things they did much earlier, then it seems like you have less and less to say here since you have more to do, say, and experience offline.

Seniors aren't better than freshmen, they're just at the end of their time in that place. I always am happy when people leave, in the sense that they no longer need Oasis... it's something to celebrate.

And if you make friends here, just capture that connection offsite on Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or whatever and keep them in your life.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Thank you, Jeff. Good

Thank you, Jeff. Good point.


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By the way, now that there's

By the way, now that there's a new host site or whatever it's called that Oasis has, is there no longer a search bar?

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Hiiii! Glad to see you

Hiiii! Glad to see you around. I'm rarely on here myself anymore, but you've got my email if you ever feel like chatting, I'm always happy to hear from you. :)

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i'm not sure if i still have

i'm not sure if i still have your email? maybe private mesage it to me?


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I may not have gotten to read it right away, but I'm here reading what you write. Much support.

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thanks!! how're you?

how're you?