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Yea girls, I'm back. Except I'm gonna assume most people (except my stalker, Jeff) remember me.

Anyway, why'd I come back? Well, my life turned into a bit of a catchy, overly-dramatic, teen soap opera bullshit thing. Which is sad for me, because I'm not actually a teenager anymore.

Well, I guess I should start with the background. I'm Thommy. I moved in with my boyfriend at the time, Michael, into the dorms at the college we go to. Which was fine, right? Except, it came out that I maybe sexted someone when we were dating... multiple times. Right, so I look like an awful kid right now. Pretty hard to justify cheating on him, and I can't really. I know why I did it - I sexted my rapist (who I didn't know had actually raped me at the time - I blocked it out), because Michael was being kind of a monster. Like literally. The kid continually rejected me sexually. If I had wanted a sexless life, I would have stayed straight (that was a joke, btdubbs, insert laughs).

Anyway, Michael stayed with me... for whatever reason, and we moved into an apartment and got a dog together. Things were okay. We fought a shit ton, but like, I was happy, I guess? And we started having sex more regularly, and he was really good at using his dick, so like, whatever haha. But the problem was, he wasn't affectionate with me ever. He refused to spoon and cuddle with me. That actually started to happen in the dorms. Sooooo, I kind of figured he was falling out of life, but what the fuck, he moved in with me, so he had to be in love with me, right?

He broke up with me in March. And well, we shared the same bed until the end of April (were we really broken up at this point...? Not really, although no one should ever say that to him, 'cause he'll get PISSED). We were fucking on the regs, and it was good and whatever I guess. Except it came out that he was in love with this kid, Tanner, from his high school years. During the ENTIRETY of our relationship. Yea, good one Michael. And he hooked up with him, the night of his grandmother's funeral, using my car to get there. A month after we broke up.

And then Michael made the wonderful decision to hook up with some dude he met on grindr, on my bed, while I was doing our laundry. Good one again. Which actually hurt a lot, 'cause he hooked up with some dude willy-nilly, on my bed, and had refused me sex sooooo often.

And then he dropped me off at work three hours early one day, because he has to work farther away, and met up with this dude from his high school days. Using my car. And not telling me about it. Good one again Michael.

Then he made the wonderful decision two nights ago, to invite Tanner to the apartment (I had never actually met him), and to also invite his new romantic interest, Nic. Yea, the ex, the new lover and the old love all in the same place... And Michael had the cool idea to sleep with Nic, in the same bed. Which is next to my bed. So, I maybe got a little drunk... And hooked up with the aforementioned Tanner (woops, sorry not sorry). And Michael found out yesterday, and he kind of punched me... A little bit.

And like yea, that's my life. And I don't know what the fuck the point of this was, but maybe it was like... catharsis? Whatever, I don't know. I'll probably have better entries later, because this was kind of a synopsis.

But meow I'm in the sticky situation of someone needs to move the fuck out. And Michael claims he's too poor (fuck that, dat's not my fault - oh and he's not actually financially insolvent, so fuck him) and holds my family's wealth over my head (not my fault we're rich), and that I have to move out. But he broke up with me. And punched me. So fuck him.

And yea. I guess this is my life. Okay, I'm done this. Bye.


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You deserve better!

Michael moves out! Period.

Then... make sure genuine and lasting (and, preferably, monogamous) affection exists the next time you risk a new bf!

Oh... yeah... I remember you!

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If you're too poor to move out, aren't you too poor to stay?! Rent is rent, no?

Sorry things didn't work out, babe. But the early warning signs were there, anyone who rejects you sexually clearly has issues.

And it isn't stalking if we're friends on Facebook, hehe.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Surely there is a way for

Surely there is a way for you to escape such an unhealthy environment? Living with an ex who brings a bunch of guys home can't be good for you emotionally. Perhaps you have some friends who are willing to rent a place with you? To restate what elph said, you deserve better. This mess is gonna eat at you until you escape it.

P.S I remember you, but I started hanging around here close to the time you left :P

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Yea, I'm moving away. I

Yea, I'm moving away. I can't deal with the kid anymore haha.

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OK, back open...

Just hoping we can stay on topic here. If not, I'll just have to close it up again...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles