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Sometimes I feel like I'm doing the wrong degree. I'm currently studying a conjoint law and arts degree. I wish I was doing engineering and commerce. Or science. I don't know. Law and arts really aren't that useful when it comes to employment. I'm unsure whether this is me trying to do too many things at once again, but either way, I've closed too many doors to try and reopen them again.

My dad is selling his house. He's also disowned my brother.

I've been seeing my boyfriend too much. He's taking up a lot of my time. Yet I still choose to see him. I need to invest more time in myself. He makes me happy though.

Randomly bumped into my ex last night. The one who went to America. I was with my boyfriend. It was strange. He yelled my name, said hi, then ran away after he saw I was with someone. He seemed excited to see me, but I'm not sure whether it was a condescending excitement, or a surprise, or something, but he acted really weird. We had a good conversation when I went over to introduce my boyfriend, because he didn't run away, he just danced a few metres away from us. We talked for a while, then he left again. He's still so aspie - he was also talking very fast - like he was on something. He also asked whether I was bisexual now. Strange question. Strange person.

I have a lot to do. Dying.


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Advice on changing directions... dunno if too late or not

However... on that last "to do"... please avoid as you have so much to share!

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Law will always be useful. Whether it will make you happy? Eh, who knows.

I wouldn't stress too much on the course you're on, just finish it before starting another. At a former job of mine, the VP of marketing for a $100M project had a French Literature degree (from Harvard, but still... French lit?!)

The gay world is typically less freaked by ex's, unless infidelity was a factor. I was recently in a gay wedding, and I know several people standing up for the groom, and in the crowd, had previously slept with the groom. Sadly, I was not one of them, but I certainly tried enough over the years, heh.

If your current boyfriend likes you, he should want to meet your ex, because something in that relationship made you who you are today, potentially some of the bits he likes.

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