Back, Nearly a Year Later!

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Hello everyone! Yes friends it is I, Chris, and I haven't returned for good, just to sum up what my life has been like this past year!

~ Family support is still going strong. Out and proud and seeing a counselor to help with my depression. I got on antidepressants and haven't relapsed in about 2 months!

~ I've become semi-tumblr famous (AKA reaching my first 1k followers and doing a giveaway and meeting people)

~ I'm kinda sorta maybe dating someone from this site that I've talked to on Tumblr a lot and yeah it's exciting <3

~ I've been getting into drag and such and it's SO FUN i recommend everyone to try drag best thing ever a+ but my mom doesn't like it an actually told my counselor "YOU KNOW HES BEEN CROSSDRESSING?!?!!?" like wow mom no.

~ It's my last year of high school coming up and I'm excited and scared like ???? rest of my life ???? flashing before my eyes ???? scar y.

Anyways hello everyone new and old I've missed you all. :**


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Why hello Chrisy boy *Does

Why hello Chrisy boy *Does creepy Hannibal Lecter voice*

We have something in common don't we. You graduate high school (Except your thinking the real world will began, but realize it doesn't because college is just a crappy adult extension of high school. At least social wise... :P)

With me, I have graduated college yesterday, (The real world does began, and now all I have to do is to work a job, pay bills, be responsible... and do whatever the fuck I want. I am so happy :D)

I am curious if plan to go college or tech school Chrisy Boie...? When you mean drag, that does mean your the kind were I can tell your a dude... or are you a trap...? :P

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Creepy hannibal voice noooo

Creepy hannibal voice noooo ;;

I'm glad you got out of college, I know how stressful it was for you!

I plan on going to college, either to major in French education or Game design. And you can probably tell I'm a dude because it's not like I'm trying to get people to sleep with me in drag xD It's a performance thing.

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It's been awhile,

It's been awhile, Christopher. Good to have you back. The good news about your mom telling your therapist is that I'm assuming your therapist is very open-minded about these things (most therapists, at least the good ones, keep a pretty open mind) and maybe he/she can give your mom some tips on how to come to grips with it all.

I can't remember where you left off with being out to your mom, so how has she been handling your sexuality as of late? Making progress, hopefully?

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She's been very accepting of

She's been very accepting of the gay thing, but not the me wanting to do drag thing. It's disappointing, but I guess everyone has their limits for what they can tolerate!

Yeah, my therapist is pretty cool with everything, especially for an older guy.

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Welcome back...

No drag pics?! ;-(

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I'll post some in a bit!

I'll post some in a bit!