Everything Is Suck Right Now.

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We had to put my oldest cat, Buddy, to sleep today. In the past few weeks he's stopped eating and I've had to watch him slowly wither away into a skeleton. We took him to the vet and we were told it was a thyroid problem, but the medication prescribed for thyroid issues didn't restore his appetite like it should have. I think it was something more than that. He got to a point where he couldn't even get up and walk he was so weak.

So we decided that we didn't want to see him suffer any longer. For the past few nights I've had to listen to him cry, and it was the most pitiful sound I've ever heard. Saturday night was rough. I went upstairs to check on him after hearing him cry and I just sat with him and it hit me suddenly that I was gonna lose a good friend and I just started bawling.

I've had him for fourteen years, since I was four years old. My earliest memories all involve him. I can never remember a time when he wasn't around. We grew up together. He was the most patient, gentlest cat. There were a lot of times when I would be upset about something and we'd just sit together and I would pet him and hold him and he just understood, which is something I can't even find in many human beings. Understanding.

It's been rough for all of us, really. He meant a lot to my mom and sister too.

The love of an animal is one of the only forms of unconditional love you can find. It's something to cherish always.

Another reason for the suck is that this morning I had four of my wisdom teeth removed. The removal itself was quick and painless, thanks to a ton of drugs, of course. The nitrogen oxide (I think that's what laughing gas is called technically?) made me feel absolutely giddy and it was just beyond weird. It felt like the whole procedure only took five minutes. The only thing I remember is that the doctor messed with me by asking me to say really hard words (my mouth was completely numb) and I responded with, "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" but I only said like half the word and everybody in the room laughed.

Then I was wheeled into a "recovery room" where a very nice nurse sat with my mom and I to make sure I was recovering from the anesthetic okay. Turns out that with being so tiny and never having been put under anesthetic before, my reaction to it has been awful and it started in the recovery room. I felt super nauseous, so the really nice nurse lady laid me back and put cold rags on me and talked me into a good humor until I felt better.

But then I puked in the car on the way home, so that was lovely. And now even just sitting up will make me feel suddenly feverish and nauseous. So I am stuck in a recliner and the only thing I can do without feeling awful is sleep.

The next few days are gonna be a lot of fun.


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My condolences for your loss of Buddy...

And... although you responded badly to the aftereffects of the anesthetic, be thankful that you will not have to go through this experience again!

Get well soon!

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Thank you.

Yeah, I'm glad I got it done and over with before I leave for college. But next week I get four cavities filled. So my teeth have been a real pain in the ass for me lately.

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I am sorry you lost your

I am sorry you lost your beloved Buddy. I understand how you feel because of the loss of my dear Elizabeth last year :(. So I know how it feels to loose a cat, and not feel like you have any control over what was happening :(. I am curious if you got a second opinion on his problem...

If one was not sought then maybe the use of a different vet would be prudent in the future for the health of all future pets :)

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Thank you, Yama. I didn't

Thank you, Yama. I didn't know you lost Elizabeth. I'm so sorry to hear that, friend. I think the important thing is to keep their memories with us, and to take comfort in knowing that their suffering was brought to a merciful end.

I did get a second opinion from another vet, and she told us that it wasn't a thyroid issue at all, but it may have been a tumor that was obstructing his digestion.

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If I were you I would think

If I were you I would think that maybe using this other vet would be a better choice. For us if you remember Elizabeth was supposed to have kittens, but she never did, and she died about 7 months after we had her. Come to find out that she wasn't pregnant, but instead was eat up with stomach cancer that had caused her to gain weight. They had to put her down, and I didn't even find out till two weeks afterward at college. I only really got to spend almost 3 months of the short time she had with us, but she was certainly the best kitty I have ever had.

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Sorry about your cat. That's a pretty long life, though.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Thanks, Jeff.

Yeah, he lived a long, happy life. I've had my time to cry and I feel at peace with his passing now.

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So sorry...

Pets are special and it's always painful to lose them, even when they're old and sick. Condolences...

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Thank you. I gave him

Thank you. I gave him nothing but love and kindness and he always gave it all back to me twofold. You can't ask for more than that.

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Very sorry about Buddy...

I lost a cat recently too. Losing pets is horrible.

I got my wisdom teeth taken out a couple years ago. The first few days are always the worst because you can't really eat anything good. Did they give you pain meds? Because those will be your best friend for the next week or so.

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Thanks. I'm sorry about your

Thanks. I'm sorry about your cat. You just kinda assume after awhile that they'll always be around, but they age so much faster than we do...

My diet for the past three days has been nothing but mashed potatoes and pudding. I could really go for a nice steak or some chicken right now. I'm taking pain meds, antibiotics to prevent infection, Advil for swelling, and pills for nausea. But really I'm not in nearly as much pain as I thought I would be. My face is just swollen ridiculously and I can't sleep very well.

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Sorry for you loss

as someone who has lost a couple of pets you have my Condolences. its best to remember the good times.

on Teeth, at least the worst is behind you then, it can't get much worse than getting wisdom teeth out.

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I'm doing just that.

It really hasn't been too awful. Guess I got lucky.

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thats good then

don't want to have a bad dentist experience.