Finally Out & Proud

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Well this is my first time on here and its only been two days since I came out to my mom. I told her and she acted so calm that i cried. I figured out that I was transgender two years ago and it took a LONG time to accept who I am. Well today I told my crush that I'm transgender and she took it so well. She's the only friend that knows that I'm a trans. Well thats it so message me!


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& welcome to Oasis!

"Omar solas--good news has no clothes."

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Glad you found Oasis! Not a ton of trans members, but they do exist. You're a trans guy or trans girl?

Welcome aboard!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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And welcome!

Hey, semi-closeted transguy here (friends know, family doesn't). Shoot me a message if you ever want to talk or anything. ...Care to share any details of your experience?