Getting Oh So Slowly Better

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Well life has been getting a tad bit better. My parents finally let me redecorate my room, which is now plastered in posters of Harry Potter & the Hunger Games. I've also started adminning on a bunch of fan pages on Facebook. I like making fanart, it turns out. My name is Luna Malfoy, check me out!
My drama club is starting up again and I think that it will be pretty successful. I handed out 11 fliers for it at the frosh club fair. I'm hoping that we can benefit from the fact that the drama teacher alienate most of his students (I have 3 classes with him this year though, so that should be fun).
I'm planning on coming out to my best friend this Sunday. I think she'll take it OK since she knows a few Lesbians and she likes all of them. :)
I've really been working on my attitude lately. During Drama School I got really depressed because I was being left out of all the conversations and activities the other students were having. So at the end I just went "Screw this, I don't care what anyone thinks of me." I turned off my internal editor, went full nerd, and smiled at people on the street. And either I stopped noticing the glares or people just started smiling back, because I feel much better. I even ordered up some new clothes to match my new outlook (fluffy pink sweaters anyone?)
So...yeah. Life is basically OK. I probably won't be on here much now that I'm talking to people in real life a little more :) But I'll check in from time to time. Thanks everyone for being here for me, you've been a great help.


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Perhaps letting you decorate was premature... ;-)

11 fliers? How small is your school? heh.

We're always fine with people who need Oasis less and less...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles