Haven't been here in over a month

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So, I haven't been here in over a month. Part of it was the three very busy weeks at Shakespeare camp, and the other part was that... I don't know, I've just been withdrawing from almost everything lately. Anyways...
Shakespeare camp was awesome! I got along really well with everyone, and it was very appreciative environment. All the nerdy stuff I love to talk about, they loved to talk about too. I wish it had lasted longer!
I have this one close friend, we'll call her Audrey, who lives several states away with her mom. Her dad lives near me, that's how I met her, but she only comes here during the summer. The rest of the year we email. The thing about email is that, um, people can be kind of different over email than how they are in real life.
So, Audrey staying with her dad over the summer, and asked if I wanted to go to the beach with them and then stay over at her house. I was thinking I was going to come out to her, because I know she's accepting, but...I didn't. Mostly because I was staying the night and even though I was on an air mattress and she in her own bed, I just didn't want to chance her getting all weird and uncomfortable about it. Now I'll have to wait till next summer for another chance, or never, because she's going to college and will probably have an internship next summer. I could tell her over email, but...that just doesn't right. I don't know.
Anyways, what I was saying about how people can be different in real life from how they are over the internet. When we were emailing, Audrey always came off to me as very stable-minded and down to earth. But when I was talking to her in person I got this impression of a more...how do I put this politely? I mean, she's great and I respect her, it's just she's kind of got her head in the clouds.
My dad got a job, which is awesome. I get about four days out of the week to be alone in the house. I don't know, it's just easier for me to get stuff done when I'm alone. Maybe the lack of parents screaming at each other has something to do with that.
I went to the state fair the other day. Got some cool stuff, including this magic wrap skirt that you can make like 100 dresses or skirts or shirts out of. I entered a sculpture and a pen and ink drawing in the art show at the fair. The sculpture got first place in my age group, so that was really cool.


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Wow, everybody's making a

Wow, everybody's making a comeback on Oasis lately.

Seeing as you don't get to see her very much at all, coming out through email wouldn't hurt at all. Plus, a good friend won't care about your sexuality. I mean, one of my best friends slept in the same bed as me not only knowing that I'm gay, but that I had a crush on her. So your friend's reaction will speak volumes about her character.

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Thanks. I guess I'll try

Thanks. I guess I'll try email then. :)

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Or if you wanted it to be

Or if you wanted it to be even more personal, you could always call her and tell her on the phone. That way you can at least hear her reaction instead of reading it.

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although there is merit to

although there is merit to the whole email thing because it gives the friend a minute to get over any initial negativity and figure out how she feels & wants to respond. Sometimes when you just say it outright to someone in person they are so shocked that they react completely differently from how they really feel when they've processed the information.

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There is never a right time, though. If it was awkward this time in person, nothing will change next year in person. You weren't sharing a bed, so no real issue there. ;-)

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