I think my mom found out

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I think it'll be kinda confusing and it's because my mind is rushing and can't stop thinking so here goes the crap:

Last week my best friend needed my hoodie so I lent it to him; then on Monday he gave it back to me and stole it on Wednesday(I don't know why when he had his own), and I ended up stealing his because I knew that he would forget about giving it back or just having an accident and end up washing it. Wednesday night was super cold and as a result I had to use his hoodie, I immediately fell in love with that thing because its super comfortable, it feels nice, it's huge and its my favorite color, the next day I asked if he could give it to me and he said yes, it was a big success; that day was cold and I used the hoodie all day, my parents asked me a few things about it and that was all. On Friday my mom came to the kitchen with her concerned face and asked me why did my best friend gave me the hoodie, got all nosy about it and when I asked her what was wrong she just said that she didn't know and that she doesn't like the fact that he gave it to me, then she came to my room while I was getting some stuff ready and she just says "you aren't going to use that thing all the time, it's not like your boyfriend gave it to you or something like that.". That was the most awkward and weird moment and I felt so fucking weird because its the first time my mom says something like that plus she's kinda homophobic and how the hell does she knows I'm gay. It's been kinda weird to be alone with her and I don't know what to do or how the hell that happened except that she might have talked with my dad, maybe he calmed her and made things better, but since that's a impossible theory It'd be easier to explain evolution to a closed minded creationist.

In other news: I'm super sick, been a month clean, on Wednesday it's a national day and on Tuesday I'm staying the night at school with my classmates having a nice bonfire and hearing stories about my supposed to be haunted school.


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I think that back-and-forth...

is a very friendly sign... particularly when he told you "Yes!" I can experience quite viscerally how good that must have made you feel.

As far as your mom is concerned... tread cautiously. But, eventually, you will have to find a gentle way of letting her know that you do have a very close friend who means the world to you!

Also... Stay clean!

And... Good luck!

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Yeah, it felt good.

I'm trying to act normal, but I think she might forgot about it since she's been really busy and haven't said anything about it.

Thanks Elph.

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Just be glad your mom isn't

Just be glad your mom isn't setting you up on dates with random girls and then gives tou money and say that the girls are new and don't know anyone and you should hang out with them just to be nice and then you find out it WAS a date months later. That's what my dad did. He also paid some girl to go to prom with me.

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I wish I had your parents...

I wish I had your parents PokemonGeek... :P Man having a mom that basically acts as your own personal pimp/wingman... must have been awesome. Just a personal opinion, because of how close I am to my mom, but I have to say that is the coolest mom ever :D

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I wish she could be more like your parents

Mine are just boring parents who still have the mind of someone that lived in the first colonies made by the super religious Spanish.

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Not sure that means she knows. Probably just using a gay angle negatively to make you think how it could look?

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Could be a good thing?

It might be a sign that she is starting to have some hint that you are gay. I wouldn't look on it as a bad thing, maybe she can start adjusting to it if this is the case.

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It might be that

Plus my dad the other day had a talk with me saying that I could trust him and tell him everything and that he would love me no matter what happens.

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I don't think she meant it.

But I wasn't there, so I don't know the tone or the context. But from the description it sounds pretty insignificant, like what Jeff said.

What are you clean of, though? Have you been doing coke or something while I was absent?

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Just some self harm issues.

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omg, awkward...

That's super awkward. But I know the feeling. My mom made me give back a birthday gift from my friend because she didnt like the fact a guy gave it to me.

Moms are weird. Just saying.

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