Im Back!

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Its been a long time hasn't it?.

well a quick recap i guess. judging by the last Journal as the time i left.

-there was a argument again between me and mum that still continues, that if i can't find a job or get to college she'll take me back, which she can't legally do but i know she'll try.

-She lost custody of my Brother.

-i dated someone for 9 Months after everything improved.

-now im dating someone else.

-met some new friends.

-nearly died in this summers heat.

-not much else happened really.

also growing up is scary.


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Welcome back!

I've missed you. Is this someone else male or female? Also congrats on meeting new friends. New friends are always good, especially if your old friends were shit.

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im glad to be back too.

ive missed a lot of you, the first one was a girl, this one is a guy, thanks it feels good to actually know a few good ones in my country.

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And where...

are all of your fellow compatriots that used to be here?

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you mean Rainbow and the others?

well Rainbows dad died 3 months ago and it was a major hit to her, not emotionly but in the way of "shit need to get my act together and grow up!" way, so extremely busy.

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Hey Kid,

See, I told you it was possible to make new friends. You always spoke about how difficult that was for you. I'm glad you broke out of that shell.
Of course, growing up is scary, otherwise it'd be no fun.

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yeah you did

but i never really broke out of my shell, id argue ive recessed further into my shell and my friends are also shells. we are a family of hermit crabs.

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Welcome back, babe...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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ive been expecting this

ave jeff.

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I aim to please.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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i remember so

i remember few things