Is this school? Okay.

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So today was the start of another year of high school. In other words, dismissing my mother's vague notions of *moving*, I'm taking this year to really and officially come out as trans. Whopee.
I believe I passed fairly well- the people who had never met me before, i. e. students and new teachers, automatically used male pronouns and were rather suprised to see my birth name and an 'F' on the seating chart. Most readily accepted calling me Jay. People who had met me previously, however, definitely still recognised me and weren't wiling to let it slide so easily.

My English class is clearly the best so far- the teacher called the entire class chickenshit, told us about hitchhiking her way back from a Grateful Dead concert she'd cut class for a week to attend in high school, and told a kid she hoped he was masturbating. By the end of the period, I was wiping someone else's blood off the floor.

It was a relatively good day, considering. Being up at this hour doesn't bode well for tomorrow, though. How are things going for those of you starting the school year?


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Did she have any doubt?

And... his answer was?

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Are you coming out as trans? Or just showing up as Jay and seeing what happens?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Your English teacher sounds a lot like one that I had in high school... We never ended up with blood, though. Sounds exciting.

That's great to hear that people at school are reacting pretty well... I'm definitely going to keep watching your story, hope it gives me some strength to be able to come out as well.