Morning Start

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I had the worst start to my morning. My mom was yelling at me. That's what I woke up to...5 minutes worth of being lectured as my mom quite literally was shouting at me. See , here's the thing, I don't do this on purpose, but I don't hear my alarms go off in the morning, and so my mom was yelling at me, because she's so pissed with me about it. I'm not doing this intentionally at all.

And people wonder how I have the guts to beat myself up?

Anyway, I'm in a relationship with a girl. She's amazing <3 .


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Waking up to a terrible morning is outweighed I think by being with an amazing girlfriend, in your words. I say don't let it bother you as much.

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thanks :)

thanks :)

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You have a girlfriend now?

You have a girlfriend now? Congrats! She's one lucky lady. How long have you two been together?

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yes, we've been together for

yes, we've been together for a week so far <3
we met in atlanta a few weeks ago, when we were both there for a conference.