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OK so I'm on FB right now and I'm messaging with my crush Annika about writing depressing scripts & it's amazing!!! I thought I had scared her off when I mentioned that my favorite poem was about the writer's own execution but she totally got it. And now it's after midnight & we're just talking about therapeutic writing and I even sent her a draft of the script that I wrote...oh well she has to go now but STILL. We've talked for like 1/2 an hour. I thought I was over her but now...oh my gawd. It's like she's just getting more perfect.
I know that there's something going on in her life (thus depressing therapeutic writing) but somehow being damaged just makes her even more attractive...what am I doing? Jesus Christ she's straight! And anyway we never hang out...but I'm going to her house to work on posters for our theatre club this week...shit I just can't get over her. I like her SO much. And until I find a queer girl or a straight guy who's even remotely interested in me this is the closest to a relationship I'm going to get. (except my BFF, whom I have an openly non-romantic but loving relationship with, but that's emphasis on non-romantic)


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Do you know for certain that

Do you know for certain that she's straight?

Also, I really hate to burst your metaphorical bubble, but it's a bit unhealthy to cling to a girl romantically even though your relationship isn't romantic. Trust me on that one. It's this weird thing that happens to lesbians and probably gay dudes have strong feels for a friend and you start to treat that friendship like a relationship even though it's not, which will almost always end in disaster. That's happened to me twice. It sucks for everyone involved.

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Good advice!

That's it :)

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It is easy to attain perfection when the unknown is invented and the known is ignored.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles