Wild partying and mental illness

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On Tuesday I arrived a little late to school at night, I couldn't find my bets friend until someone told me that he was totally drunk in my classroom, I went to visit him and he was laying on the ground, when I got into the classroom he got up and gave me a huge hug and told me that loved me a lot, after that he told me how he got drunk and had the brilliant idea to sneak out of school and visit some friend that lives near my school, he made me jump some fence and I had to hold his hand so he wouldn't go sprinting and in some moments I had to grab him by the waist, at my friends house he got worse and we had a good time, after like half an hour some friends started calling, found us and made us go back to school, there they made me stay with him taking care and wait until he got sober, he gave me another tight hug (it was super awesome and he pushed himself so close to my body). He eventually got sober, went back with the others, ate and waited until the academic coordinator and the psychologist go; after that we started drinking, went walking with my best friend to some little town near my school to buy some rum and passion fruit wine, after that I got drunk and I can't remember many things except telling people that I loved them, getting asked if I'm gay (I don't know how I end up saying no), dancing and getting scared by some teacher at 3 am, then I got kinda sober and everyone was super tired and some were sleeping, we stayed talking and joking until 5 am, we played some dubstep to wake everyone up, one of the teachers that were taking "care" of us got super mad and told us to turn that shit off, cursed until he saw the other teacher laughing and went back to his room cursing, we ended up going to sleep at 6, I slept near my best friend until some friend got in the middle of us, woke me up, stole my pillow, tried to steal some parts of my sleeping bag and stole my best friend sleeping bag. We slept until 8 because the same teacher that we woke woke us and made us go. The hangover was the worst thing ever.

This Saturday I had to do some medical exams for my driving license and they might not give it to me because of my mental health, the psychologist said that it could be because of some extreme hormones or that I might have some bipolar disorder, the doctor had to tell my dad about it and maybe something else and now I have to go back to the psychologist again and I think that he'll decide if I'm able to drive or not; when I got out of that place my dad told me that he would support me no matter what and that he would understand me no matter what I tell him, my mom was worried about me, now she's calm, but told me that in her family there's some mental health issues and by my dads side my grampa could have been bipolar (they never knew because in that time those illness were unknown), but that he had all the symptoms and stuff plus there might be some cousins who suffer some mental illness, but since my parents are never in touch with them it's unknown.


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And... this...

was a typical day?

I like your dad... but does he know everything about you?

How's your best friend now... nearly a week later?

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That's just a typical party.

My dad is kinda nice, but we're not close and with my best friend, everything is the same except that we might be a little bit closer.

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As I get older, my love of such consecutive chaos has waned, but everyone goes through it, heh.

Good that you're getting help with whatever other issues might be happening, though.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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What... Where in the hell do

What... Where in the hell do they not give you your divers license because of bi-polar :P I mean I have bi-polar and I just got through driving 200 plus miles of interstate yesterday :P In fact... I have more than just bi-polar and I have a drivers license... so I am curious what is going on here.