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I don't know who I am, where I am, or what I am doing.

I feel my heart growing progressively colder towards Edwin, something I never thought would happen in a million years. But he is just making me hate him. He is practically just pushing me away into another person's arms, where I find my solace all too often.

Sooner or later, he is going to lose me. I'd always been afraid of losing him... but now he has to worry. If he even cares...

On the other spectrum, this other guy is lighting up my life in so many other ways. He's so good, I'm afraid it is all too good to be true. But I haven't even had the time to build up any walls.

It's going to be a long October.


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Three hearts appear to be involved... what are they saying? Let's hope none is broken... but that outcome will require honest communication!

Good luck!

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No matter what,

I will always be the one whose heart gets smashed to pieces. No matter who does what, goes where, with whom... I will end up shattered.

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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What does Edwin say about this? Is his being colder a reaction to you being distracted by the other guy and possibly less present for him? Can't do open relationships without communication, and this seems like you doing all the thinking and speculating.

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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I just think....

It's time to put our high school dream to rest. I've been keeping this thing alive for so long with very little effort from him. I think the both of us are just getting tired. :(

a psychotic pencilist, moe