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Being different sucks, but if you're smart you can make your differences into something awesome!

I'm Aaron, and of the Rejects I'm the youngest and the BIGGEST member. You probably noticed that I had a word in all caps? There's a reason for that. BIG describes something large so I think it should be in all caps! My journal,my grammar rules : ))

I'm a BIG kid, there's no denying it. I was close to 10 pounds when I was born, and that was just the beginning. I've always been somewhere between the 95th and 99th percentile for size and weight in my age, and being BIG like that makes you a target. I've been picked on since I started school, but I learned early on to fight back, or in my case kick the bully's ass when necessary.

People also assume when you're BIG that you're fat, but my body fat's been tested at 13%, which my pediatrician tells me is good but I really wish my nipples didn't stick out : (( I'm just wide and solid (5'-10" 185 pounds), the football coach's dream for a linebacker or center. Too bad I hate football! I love soccer and baseball, and most people laugh when they see a BIG guy like me playing soccer. Go on YouTube and you'll see a shit load of videos making fun of BIG kids, but how many do you see that show them being awesome?

When you're BIG finding clothes that fit is a fucking nightmare. I've been getting mine from the men's department since I was seven, and almost nothing ever fits right off the shelf. Luckily I can wear shorts most of the time, but why the fuck are they SO LONG!!!!!! Shoes are even worse. I wear a size 11 WIDE (like me). Not too many choices, especially in running shoes. Believe it or not I like to run. I'm not going to set any world records but I love the adrenaline rush.

I haven't talked about what it's like being BIG and gay, but I will. I'll just say for now that it sucks.

Originally, my first journal was going to be very different, but Dante (my best friend) felt that I should try to write something funny that reflects my BIG personality before I write about my past and how I got where I am now.

I'll warn you, my past sucks. It's full of abuse,pain,suffering and choices that I don't think anyone should ever have to make. I'm in a better place now. My second family is awesome, but they don't everything about my past. I think that's a good thing.

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Hey Aaron,

Yeah, I can identify with being large and gay. I have to agree it's sometimes difficult to find clothes that fit. Finding the boots or sneakers that feel comfortable has always been a challenge. I have very longs arms, most often I have to wear shirts that are too big(on my body), in order to get the right length sleeve. And people wonder why I prefer jeans and t-shirts, so much more comfortable.
I'm out of high school now, i'll be 23 this friday. I remember my high school years sucking, but once out things did improve. I came out kind of late, so there's no rush, but don't wait too long either.
Sorry to hear about your past, but it's great you're in a better situation.
Sometimes the past is best left where it is, in the past.