Dream Journal #3

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I was in Cuba for some reason in this dream. I couldn't understand anyone, but for an unknown reason the government locked me in a prison with a relatively small group of strangers and forced us to stay there for a night. There was a younger woman among us. The rest of the group brought me into a room full of solitary confinement chambers, and locked the woman out on her own, who seemed terrified, screaming at us. The Cuban strangers I was with quickly grouped up in the chambers and locked themselves behind the heavy metal doors. I didn't know what was going on, but they seemed scared of something so after the other doors were all locked I managed to find an empty chamber. I struggled to lock it as quickly as possible, and after I was in heard the woman turn into a terrifying monster and burst into the room, banging at the doors that we were using for protection. This was when I woke up.

My dreams aren't usually this realistic and consistent, so this one kind of shocked me. I've been remembering my dreams much more frequently since I started recording them three months ago.

I also found a couple hallucinogen/opiate recipes online:

I know someone who could probably make at least one of these without suspicion and seemed pretty interested. I just included this in case anyone here is interested in trying either of these out.


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To sleep,

Per chance to dream. I remember, some of my most vivid dreams, as a teen, occurred before I started smoking marijuana. In fact, after falling in love with weed, my dreams became a thing of the past. Or, more accurately, I could no longer remember the dreams. I considered that a blessing. The dreams were quite vivid and one in particular was recurring.
It made me wake up in a cold sweat. The only reason I remember this dream was because of how fucked-up it was and it occurred three times in the same year. I'd explain, but it would take a couple of paragraphs at least.
Plus, it was kind of embarrassing because it made no sense, at all.
Locked in a prison in Cuba with a woman who turns into a monster? Freud would have a field day with that one.

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I've heard that.

I know a guy who smokes a lot of weed and said the same thing. And since I love dreams more than anything else, I think I'd rather do other drugs. That's just too much of a sacrifice. As one of my favorite folk punk musicians said, "when you can't dream, life becomes bitter, fucked up."

Feel free to share your dream. It's probably good for you and it'll be something interesting for me to read.

I don't know what the fuck my dreams mean. They're usually way to abstract to even begin to decipher, so I don't try. Again, this one made an unusual amount of sense.

I should include that I was kind of turned away from the idea of marijuana because I heard that DXM makes music sound much better than weed does; marijuana increases sex drive, which seems pretty pointless to me; I'd have to say goodbye to my dreams, which I cannot do; it seems pretty shallow (why just settle for feeling good, listening to gret music, being lazy, and having new perspectives on life when I can do all those and go on an adventure?); and it seems like the annoying douchebag of all drugs. All the really douchey people always brag about smoking weed. It's almost as bad as molly.

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I don't smoke nearly as much as I used to. However, it's all about when I smoke. I'm primarily an evening smoker, usually after I eat dinner and sometimes later than that. As a result, I don't remember dreaming when I wake up. I still dream though, everyone does, I just can't recall them and that's fine with me. I don't like smoking in the day because of my job. One of my strength's is my ability to remember details, which comes in pretty handy doing what I do. I handle all warranty related issues, facilitate customer tool repairs and I take the majority of Power-Train(engines & transmissions) calls, which leads to sales. One thing I'm not is lazy.
While it's true there are many people(douchebags) who may brag about their drug use, I usually only talk about that when asked or if it's related to something else, in this case dreaming.

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I wasn't calling you a douchebag, of course, or lazy.

Just a lot of people I've encountered. There are still reasons why I'd rather do hallucinogens in stead. I focus pretty much all my energy on trying to explore new worlds and new perspectives on this world, so I think I would really benefit from them much more than any other type of drug.

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I figured you were speaking,

In general terms. I suppose I was a little defensive, force of habit. I have to agree with you though. I attended this year's Hemp Fest held annually on the Boston Common, except this year they held it for two days. I only attended the first day. Sometimes, I think the younger kids don't quite embrace the political aspect of de-criminalizing marijuana. They seem to want to flaunt smoking in front of the police, which of course, they don't really care if you smoke near them. However, some idiots, and I fear they were all teenagers got busted selling pot to people. They forget you can no longer be arrested for simple possession, but selling, in public, pretty dumb.
So, yeah they would qualify as run of the mill douchebags. The media seems to get a kick out of interviewing the youngest attendee's. Is there anything worse than a stoned teen trying to sound intelligent discussing why they attend a Hemp Fest? I don't think so!