Dream Journal #5

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Strangely, this dream took place in real time, or just a bit slower even, over only a couple hours or so, which is very rare for me.

It was night at my house, though the surrounding area seemed completely different and more industrial, and I had a balcony for some reason. My cat was hanging out just past the balcony, roaming the neighbors' rooftops. I wanted to call him in so I could spend time with him, and what I thought was him was actually a black bear in the distance. I went back into the room (my parents' bedroom, though they weren't sleeping and only my mother was there) to wait a bit longer for my cat to return. He did, but the black bear was right next to him on the balcony. Closer up, I could see that it was a very young and immature black bear. I called my cat in, but the bear came with him.

I picked up the bear, mildly freaking out, my mother trying to help out the situation, and the bear attacking me with its undeveloped teeth. I rushed downstairs to the front door and let the bear—which was terrified at this point—out there. I very vividly remember the bear running into the road and sliding quite far to the other side as it turned and ran to the right, and out of sight.

Nothing too interesting happened in the dream. I may have had it because I fell asleep with my cat and I had just spoken to my mother before going to bed. The balcony and my cat being outside may have been inspired by the fact that my father ordered a deck and a fence for the house, which would allow my cat to finally leave the house and play outside, which he hasn't done in about five years.

I had another dream when I took a nap earlier, but I can't remember that one. It'll probably come back to me in a couple of hours; it usually does.

Here's a beautiful song from an album about life, death, and the ocean:

I encourage you to listen to the whole album (as well as Terria by the same artist) if you enjoy deep and personal progressive rock. Consider this a reward for reading my dream journal and joining me on my journeys. I've also dedicated my third full album that I'm working on to dreams.

Also have a full preview of the new OPN album and a list of folk punk acts from Halifax in eastern Canada:


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Interesting dream. Far less horrifying than the ones I usually remember from my sleep. Do you remember most of your dreams, or do you write these immediately upon awakening?

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In conclusion,

I am the Walrus, koo-koo kachoo. Q.E.D., bitches.

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I've started remembering my dreams since I began recording them.

I almost never have time (or motivation) to write them down right after I wake up, so I just think about them as much as I can and hope I don't forget. It usually works.