Greetings from college!

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I've been here about a week now, and I love it so far. (Disregarding that one crappy party, haha.) Everyone on my floor is awesome. We do everything together. But they're kind of my only friends except for that one girl from the Facebook group, so I think I need to branch out a little since I'm with them 24/7. My classes are going decently so far too. I don't hate any of them that much yet. The only real complaints I have are that it's really, really hard to shave my legs in the dimly lit showers and sometimes I forget to eat unless someone invites me out.

And can I just say that the girls here are unbelievably attractive? I'm like a freakin' kid in a candy store! Sometimes when I'm walking to class, I'll try to count the hot girls, but I'll always lose count. There's even a hot girl on my floor. I didn't see much of her for a few days, but now she has started hanging out with the rest of us, so yay! I also once saw a hot girl wearing a pro-gay shirt, and I've noticed her around campus a few times since then. And also, I joined several clubs at the club fair thing, and I happened to see the name of this really hot bi girl from the Facebook group on one of the mailing lists, so there's a chance I could get to talk to her soon. Now that would be amazing.

But I write because I have encountered... a problem. She's a tiny, blonde, health science major from Washington, and she's ADORABLE. I sit by her in one of my electives, and, um, yeah. You guys probably know where this is going. I'm scared I'll never see her again after this semester is over! I have talked to this girl exactly twice since I've only had that class twice, but I absolutely cannot stop thinking about her. Every time I try to do my reading assignment for it, my mind wanders hopelessly and all I can think about is her!

Like I said, I'm insanely attracted to soooo many girls here, but she's the only one who makes me nervous. The second day I had that class, it was my first class of the day since my 9:30 a.m. got cancelled, so I got ultra dressed up just for the hell of it. I felt very confident until I actually made it into the building and saw her walk over, completely adorable even in her workout clothes. And then I felt 12 years old again. I have that class again in a couple hours, and I'm so nervous! I need to talk to her again today, but I have no idea what to say to her because my mind totally blanks every time I see her.

Oh, in a couple of weeks there's a LGBT freshman reception thing. I want to go, but I'm also kind of scared to because no one knows I'm gay yet... But logically, they wouldn't see me there unless they were also gay, now would they? I feel weird because I don't feel like I've been adequately prepared for this, if that makes sense. Like, in high school I had a lot of asshole friends who refused to believe I'm gay, so I have limited experience successfully coming out to friends. As dumb as it sounds, I always kind of assumed that I would magically know how to handle everything once I grew up and moved away, but here I am, still freakin' clueless!

I guess I really just want all of my new friends to get to know me as ME first instead of as "the gay chick", you know? If that makes any sense. But then, saying that makes me scared I'll put off coming out to anyone indefinitely. I'm still pretty bad with people, in case you haven't noticed!


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I don't get the problem...

If she's a senior, then sure, fine. But if she's in your grade or somesuch, then even if you don't have classes together, she'll still be on campus, no?

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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She's a sophomore. But our

She's a sophomore. But our school is HUGE. Like, 33,000 total students.

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This only means...

... she has to seek you out because of desire and not happenstance. So, just make that the case. ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Easier said than done,

Easier said than done, unfortunately. She keeps listening to music before class so I can't talk to her because I think it's extremely rude to talk to someone while they're listening to music. And today I didn't get a chance afterwards because she literally jumped out of her seat and ran off as soon as the professor stopped talking. And I don't feel like I have anything interesting to say to her... Umm, the first day, she said I was the only person she's ever met from Mississippi and that it was interesting, but I don't want to tell her about my shitty homeland!

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I feel like the one

I feel like the one conversation starter a college freshman has their first week of school is: "What's your major?" or "Why did you decide to come to this college?" But that would be weird as a very first thing to say to her, so how about a "Hey, I'm Super Duck, what're you listening to?" Or "Love your shirt!" Seriously, everyone is desperate for friends so the littlest thing can start a conversation.

I know you consider it rude to interrupt people who are listening to music, but it might be your only option if you want to get to know this lady better.

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I already talked about that

I already talked about that stuff with her on the first day. It's weird because she was really talkative on the first day, and now she's not! She didn't bring her music with her on the first day either. I'm hoping tomorrow will be more successful.

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The WORST college icebreaker lines are the what's-your-major, what-year, where-you-from, where-you-living, career goals? You know the conversation is dead when someone asks about siblings or pets. If you can have a lively conversation with someone and, at the end, still not know her major, her year, her hometown, et cetera, you've found a friend. I don't know what icebreakers would be better for you, but shared interests, be it music, hobbies, television shows, rants about something you hate, whatever, are always better than what's-your-major.

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I already know all that

I already know all that stuff about her from the first day, so I'm not going to ask all that awkward stuff again. I hate those kinds of icebreakers too haha. It seems like I've answered it a million times this week!

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On the other hand...

If you make a huge play for her, and it doesn't go well, do you realize the odds of you ever seeing her again after this semester in a school with 33,000 students?!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Oh my god. I never thought

Oh my god. I never thought about it that way. The odds are next to nothing!

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Hey Duck,

Sounds like your acclimating well. I have to admit, I never understood the hang-up of taking showers with or near other people. In my grammar school and high school, the boys always showered together in one big room, no curtains. The girls were fortunate enough to have individual showers with curtains. I think the only awkward moments for me, was showering with a guy, who I may have fantasized about, but knew he wasn't gay. That can be a little tricky, for sure.
Oh yeah, talking to someone while they are listening to music isn't necessarily rude. Talk about anything, ask her what she is listening to?
What kind of food she likes, ya know, just get your foot in the door and conversation just kind of happens.

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There's individual showers

There's individual showers with curtains here too, so I don't really care. (WITH other people would be kinda weird to me, though, not gonna lie!) There's even a hook right outside the shower where you can hang your towel/robe so it's not like you even have to walk out of there naked or anything haha. I just wish the lighting was better because I keep missing spots when I try to shave my legs, and how can I get cute girls when I'm all patchy!?

I talked to her today a little bit, but not much... Just class stuff. Still felt like a victory, though! But she wasn't listening to music today or last Wednesday so maybe Wednesdays are the best days! I also passed by her a couple hours later when I was leaving my last class of the day, but she wasn't looking at me and I was talking to someone else so it would've been totally weird to be all like, "WHATEVER BYE I HAVE TO GO RUN AFTER THIS CUTE GIRL!"

Oh, and I guess this means we're neighbors now!! Hi, neighbor!

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Yeah, I suppose we are indeed neighbors now. Hmm, patchy eh? Yeah, that's not right. Hey I'd call building maintenance and have them replace or change the light so you can see while shaving. I used to play hockey in the old Walter Brown Arena(former B.U. rink) and those rooms were always very well lit. Or you could buy one of those pocket L.E.D. lights. You certainly don't want to be hacking up your legs because of bad lighting.
Unfortunately, the only person I know over there works on the grounds crew.