guess who's back?

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Some of you may or may not remember me from about three years ago. I recall that being around 2010. I was just a simple child who found this site and, in turn, was able to find light in such a dark time. High school was a terrible place. And being gay, black, and a sufferer of chronic depression didn't help.

Since then.... oh gosh, life has changed so much. I've graduated high school in 2012, and now am in my second year of studying accounting at East Tennessee State University. I'm currently still living at home with my mother due to financial reasons (I'm broke and jobless), despite earlier plans to move out. I've been planning to move out with my boyfriend of nearly 2 years and four months. I love him dearly, But it's not wise to simply move out and face huge financial troubles. I love how patient he has been with me over this long time of making plans and never being able to following through. Edwin, as I will call him here, is definitely the guy I want to be with forever. However, there are certain complications I will have to talk about later.

But, Anyways, life is so different. I'm a different person. I feel as though I have grown so much since the last time I've been on here. I have so much to share, and I'm looking forward to reading everyone else's thoughts. Alright, I'm done rambling for now. ^_^


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Welcome back...

Glad you found us again, and it sounds like you're in a really good place with things... ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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thanks, jeff

Life is still a bit confusing. But so cool all at the same time. Never would have envisioned this all those years ago.
a psychotic pencilist, moe

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Ditto Jeff's comment!

Welcome back!

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It's been too long. Lol.
a psychotic pencilist, moe