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This first journal is a huge step for us, the beginning of what we hope will be a long relationship, and maybe a opportunity to let the gay world know that anyone can be gay/bi/lesbian/trans, especially the rejects like us.

If I've confused anyone yet then you know how we feel.

"We" are a group of middle school students that live in the suburbs of a major American city, and most of us have been friends since we were little kids involved in a group activity. Where we live and our ages don't matter so we're keeping that a secret, but it's not because we want to. WE HAVE TO!!! Many of the things we'll be writing about will be purposely vague to protect us. The more we write on here the more we hope that makes, but for now we pray that everyone understands that.

We can't use our real names and those we've chosen are nothing like our real ones.

I'm the only one that has unrestricted online access so I'll be posting everything, but I promise that all I'm doing is copying and pasting what my friends write from flash drives. We'll be doing some interesting things on here, telling our stories is different formats. Some of what we write might scare (shock?) (insult?) some of you, but it's just a reflection of our lives. As each of us writes on here we'll add ourselves to the profile and label each journal so you know who it belongs to.

We have many things in common. All of us are honor students, some are in gifted programs, and we're all nerds. Big nerds! We all go to different schools, and some of us are home schooled, but not for religious reasons. All of us have been bullied, and for the dumbest reasons. One of us was nearly beaten to death by a bully.

We're all boys, including the one who happens to have a vagina and is wondering why he has one? You'd never think he was female if you spent time with him! To us he's just a guy. His no longer lives with his parents because of that, but that's a good thing.

We all come from broken homes, and only one of us has a dad that lives with them. The rest either don't have one, or he's just not involved in our lives. It sucks, but we deal with. It's also sucks when hear them called "sperm donors" and "walking wallets" by our moms. And those are the nice names they get called.

Among us are three different races, but that shit only matters to everyone around else. We have to deal with it on a daily basis, and it's a constant struggle because we refuse to live up to racial stereotypes. We've always accepted each other for what we are, and that's a big part of why we're still friends.

I want to end this with a shout out to everybody on here, you are our heroes.

You just never knew it until now.



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Welcome to Oasis!

Definitely looking forward to reading more from you guys. Make yourselves at home here.

Heroes? Awwww. Wouldn't consider myself a hero though. I went through the grueling process of getting comfortable in my own skin like everyone else does, and I stay here to help others do the same.

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Welcome to Oasis...

You could create individual accounts, if you want?

We're pretty hard to shock or insult on here...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Hey Dante,

And the rest of the crew, Welcome to Oasis. You can post whatever you want. No need to be shy. I look forward to hearing your stories.

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Thanks to everyone here for being so supportive! Sorry about so many typos, I was just so excited to post something that I think I forgot how to type : (


We're a group of middle school students and best friends who started The Rejects Club, a place where we can just be ourselves. We are: Dante (biracial and gay) and Drew (F2M).