Holy shit I am hyped! (+ Dream Journal #1)

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New Oneohtrix Point Never album, R Plus Seven, is coming out at the end of the month:

I haven't been this excited in a while. All the art goes together so perfectly. If you're interested, you can preorder it for CD or vinyl here:


On another issue, last night I dreamt that a partner (who I do not remember) and I were thugs in an alternate timeline of the Dark Ages in which some strange reptilian alien race has not only settled Earth, but also integrated itself into human society and learned to peacefully coexist with humans, benefitting the Medieval civilization with the technology of their advanced species while also fusing it with the culture of the age.

We made a living from being hired criminals, robbing and murdering certain high-profile citizens of the land. The job my dream focused on involved sneaking into a large prison by drinking a complex chemical mixture that disguised us as the aliens, doing something I don't quite remember to a prisoner, and jumping out a window, through the courtyard, and safely out the gates before the guards could kill us.

I somehow ended up in a castle of a corrupt monarch, in which my cat and two of his siblings also lived. I forgot exactly what happened, but some sort of fight occurred and at the very end of the dream my cat ended up dead. When I woke up I forgot that he was still alive, and it took unusually long for me to realize that what had happened was a dream.

I may have had that dream because I've been thinking about how strange it must have been to be at the beginning of the Dark Ages, and losing so much technology to war.


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With dreams like that...

why would you ever want to experience psychedelics? :)

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I do love my dreams. They're the best.

But I can't experience them all the time, and I get bored a lot. I'm also not conscious in my dreams, and none of them last 12 hours like LSD does (though they do feel like years). That's why DMT doesn't really interest me at all. It's like a dream, but everything bad about dreams is amplified in that. (The trips are really short and basically identical to dream states.)

This is also why I'm interested in DXM. It sounds like it basically makes real life feel like a dream, and music apparently sounds really, really good during a DXM experience.

That wasn't my strangest dream, by the way. I've posted another of them on 420chan's dream discussion board. My absolute strangest cannot even be communicated at all through language. I don't know how that one would even be possible to describe.

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Sounds a tad too anti-social... maybe?

Why not try sharing your life with someone you think you could really like? You would like that... right?

A close friend would serve as your "psychedelic"... and not risk your health!

Work on it... :)

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That sounds boring.

I want an entirely subjective experience created by my own mind. I want to be taken to surreal worlds within myself and to see the world from a completely new perspective, based on my memories. That can't be accomplished by any person. That wouldn't be enlightening or fun at all. Only my own mind can do that, and I can't control those parts of my brain without the right substances.

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I understand where you want to go...

But... once having gone there, do you think you will be satisfied in merely reliving the experience from memory?

Therein lies the problem!