I was bored so I wrote this reflection on my week. (Also, Dream Journal #2)

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This obviously wasn't meant for the website, really, but if you're bored enough to care about my week, here you go.

Guess what CD finally came in the mail!

My current favorite album has finally arrived!

It also came with Amalnakru's Monomania EP cassette, an irrationally long Moloch promo sampler, a couple free ads for bands, and a sticker for a band I've never heard of (Dissonanz).

This huge music warehouse in College Park also had the limited digipak of Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus (which I've been listening to daily) and a cool looking CD by a band called Radian (which I haven't heard yet), so those have made their way into the collection.

Today my mother gave me 20 bucks for the school cafeteria, and about 15 minutes after I put it in my account a friend offered to sell baby woodrose seeds, so that's great timing.

That money would probably be better used on water that I needed, anyway.

Just skip here if you only want the dream journal

In my dream last night I had really long dreadlocks, and it was fucking great. It was just a small part of the dream, though, and I had no idea how they grew. I just noticed that I suddenly had amazing dreads, told a friend (who I don't remember) and went back to what the dream was about.

I don't remember what it was about, though.

That might have happened because I saw a picture of Jaron Lanier yesterday.


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If this is your summation...

I'd likely agree:

"That money would probably be better used on water that I needed, anyway."

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My mother was pretty surprised that I actually used it for water

It's like she was expecting me to just blow it on other stuff. I feel ripped off.

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However... you must admit that your wording invited me to an erroneous inference! :(

On another issue: I'm terribly disheartened by the unseemly profits garnered by the bottled water scams!