Lessons Learned....

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Keep politics to myself.

Never tell your best friend you have a crush on them.

Do the dishes.

Stick with the people that love you the most because you shouldn't trust anyone else.


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Well, politics aren't

Well, politics aren't exactly a fun thing to talk about, but opening up a conversation is how we progress in society!

Also, amen to that second one. Unless you're like 99.9999999999% sure they feel the same, that leads to disaster, even if they don't freak out about it.

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Ill just be keeping politics and feelings to myself. Lol. But who wants to talk about fashion week?! I sure do.

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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I like to stay up on politics, but not entirely, and usually not make it the hub of conversation. But in case someone doesn't know who Harry Styles is, I try to know enough boring stuff so I can participate...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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harry styes

He was in the last drag race, right? ;)

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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But... close enough! :(

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Just kidding. I know who he is! :)

a psychotic pencilist, moe