LSD vs. Plasma

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A friend at school said that he may have a hookup on free acid. So I will make it a goal to smoke some complimentary blotter from him some time soon.

By the way, we learned from a health pamphlet at school that if someone is having a bad trip on hallucinogens, the best action is to call 911. So there's a handy tip for you! Also, XTC is actually a codename for ecstasy. I would have thought they were two completely different drugs.

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I don't understand why

I don't understand why people think drugs are fun or whatever. I mean really the idea of my mind being warped so extremely because of some chemical thing fucking shit up in my body just does not appeal to me.

But go for it, I guess. Be careful. Although that's really impossible when it comes to drugs and putting poisonous stuff in your body, so yeah.

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Everything is poison.

I'll try to have fun, though. That is, if he does get acid. He didn't say it was sure or anything.

And honestly, I'm interested in LSD more for being inspired and becoming more in touch with the unexplored areas of my mind than having fun.

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LSD just fucks your brain

LSD just fucks your brain up, it doesn't inspire you to do anything really. There's a difference between altering your brain through chemical fuckery and actually reaching into unexplored areas of your mind. You can do that when you're sober actually.

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I mean there aren't any

I mean there aren't any known studies that have actually shown that LSD causes neurotoxicity and it does have some clinical relevance. Back when LSD was an experimental drug in clinical review, about 75% of physicians, psychologists and psychiatrists recommended or at least didn't denounce its use clinically.

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I think Plasma has darker blacks and is better if you're going to be watching the TV in a darker room, whereas LCD tends to go brighter but sometimes the darks get a bit off on cheaper models. A good way to get a good one is to get a 3D TV (even if you don't want to watch 3D content) or to ensure it has "local dimming."

Oops, my bad... I would view "free" acid the same way I would be like "Wow, this is the cheapest LASIK surgery ever!"

I'd be more concerned where it came from, quality, whether it's cut with anything else, etc.

There's also the idea that one would "smoke" acid, which I don't think is possible. Usually it is a liquid or dried onto papers/sugar cubes, and you just let it dissolve on your tongue or something.

The big deal being knowing how much you are taking in, of course.

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it can't be smoked

it gets destroyed by heat. hell, it degrades even just being
exposed to oxygen or light. very fragile stuff.

the dosage of lsd is also ridiculously low. it's measured in micrograms.
One gram of pure lsd is equal to around 10,000 hits of the stuff.

Adrian - If i blow your mind, would you promise not to think in my mouth?

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That's the joke.

The whole smoking acid thing is more of an inside joke between some people at school and me. It was really just intended for me, but I thought you'd detect that it wasn't serious.

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i think your contact is full of shit.

Not saying Do, or Dont do it ..

But if you do decide to experiment one day, just make sure you are properly informed : (and there's also

Adrian - If i blow your mind, would you promise not to think in my mouth?

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I'll still likely ask him for some LSD.

No harm in it. I will definitely do research on it first, though.

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If nothing else...

you're certainly obstinate... besides exercising some very poor judgment!

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Wouldn't it be more confusing if ecstasy and XTC were different things? Of course, the best XTC is the band:

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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LSD and hallucinogens are

LSD and hallucinogens are honestly overrated. Everyone makes them out to be this incredibly spiritual nonsense bullshit where it changes their life-perspective. Honestly, it doesn't do any of that. People trip, and think they found the key to life for two weeks and go back to being normal. I mean, sure tripping is fun I guess and it's a goofy time, but it's not going to be mind-blowing experience. Sure, music is ridiculously fun and you can detect certain nuances to it, but at the end of the day, you're still you, and 30 µg of a substance isn't going to change you that much.

Also, LSD is probably the safest drug that's ever been produced. The LD50 has never been clinically reached, nor are there any cases where an overdose has actually been produced. The LD50 has been hypothesized to be 200µg/kg-1mg/kg. For a 150 lbs individual, that comes to 13,600µg-68,000,000µg. That means with a typical dose of 50µg, one would need to take 272-1,360,000 doses. Now, who in their sane mind would take 300 doses of LSD? No clue. Not to mention, that range is ridiculous for a pharmacological substance, and is completely inaccurate.

Now however, I wouldn't condone it's usage, especially in a lower age group. LSD and hallucinogens can often be triggers to latent psychological conditions such as schizophrenia, and can often be an overwhelming experience. Secondly, young minds are young. They aren't fully developed and even if LSD doesn't produce any known toxic side effects, it's effects on neurological development have never been studied. And honestly, drugs are fun, but they cost money and are overrated. Play around with shit when you're 20 if you do. You youngsters are way too impressionable.

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I agree,

They(hallucinogens) are over-rated to some degree. I have tripped the light fantastic a few times and never had any life-changing events. LSD tends to open doors to the sub-conscious mind, making it seem like you have some amazing insights, but this can also be achieved through meditation. Young kids should avoid it because if you're not prepared for the effects, it can definitely have a negative psychological impact or, like Nanook said, it can trigger psychological conditions that are already present, but may be latent.

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Nanook and Bosemaster42 are probably right.

I asked the guy mentioned in the original post if he could get some acid for me and he didn't seem to take the question very seriously. And I don't have time for it, anyway. I think I'll be able to wait a few years until I have my own life, and then go somewhere where drugs are easier to find.

But I have always been a fan of really weird adventures (especially really trippy old fantasy movies, like The Phantom Tollbooth, Dark Crystal and The Neverending Story), so I'll be excited for it. I'll just have to settle for Adventure Time and Cat Soup until then. And dreams, of course.

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If must try it

take only a 1/2 tab especially if you don't know what it is.

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I don't a mom anymore

I don't a mom anymore because of drugs and the useless person that's unfortunately my dad will be eligible for parole in 22 years because of dumb things he did while high.

I kills me when I see a smart guy like you want to get wasted but that's your choice. Just think before you do it, like I wish everyday that my parents would have done.


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I sympathize for your position,

but you should look at this differently. Some people do make bad decisions while high, but that doesn't mean drugs inherently impair people's reason. All kinds of drugs are different from each other, and they all have effects that vary subjectively. Sure, acid might make someone an idiot if they use it like an idiot, but if used right, and with the right approach, it's proven to have some very good effects on creativity. There has been great art inspired by trips, and Nobel prize-winning scientists have even dedicated their discoveries to personal LSD experiences. Hallucinogens are the most subjective types of drugs, anyway.

I appreciate the compliment, though. I don't get them very often.

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I think drugs and alcohol are always a dice roll initially. Some people taste alcohol and it flips some switch to alcoholism, others can drink it and that switch never flips. Some people can do drugs and have an amazing experience, some will do the same thing and it doesn't work that way. So, I don't think there is a "right approach," I think it is gambling. You're likely to be OK, but if you have the perfect combination that is unlocked by the drugs you take, you don't really have the option to then use it right.

I just think it is naive to know how you will use it compared to other people.

Of course, I'm a total libertarian, so I'm not discouraging you. Do whatever you want. But go in knowing the risks...

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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This is true.

Maybe I could test how I'd do through the Ganzfeld Effect. I hear that shit gets terrifying after a couple of hours, though, and even takes weeks to recover.

It is safer than drugs, though, and would possibly be useful in testing for the reaction to psychedelics.

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Don't be so sure,

Yes, there's lot's of drugs out there, but they can impair people's ability to reason. Heroin, angel-dust, alcohol and the plethora of prescription drugs that people take recreationally, I've seen clear examples of this.
It really depends on the individual, but one constant with people who lose control is they have addictive/abusive personalities. Anything they touch, they abuse and lose control. Marijuana is one exception, you don't lose your ability to reason and you can't OD, no matter how hard you try.

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It's impossible to OD on LSD, though.

And it also isn't addictive.

I think it's the same for DMT as well, except I don't think DMT impairs people's decision making.

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The possibility of

The possibility of overdosing isn't what makes a drug dangerous. You may not be able to overdose on LSD, but your sensory perception goes haywire and people can kill themselves during a bad trip. Also, it may not be biologically addictive, but it's a psychological fact that if most people enjoy something, they're gonna keep doing it.