Most awkward interview with Nico's girlfriend

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Today after I got home from school, I got a message from Nico's girlfriend saying if she could ask me something, my first guess was about what had happened with Nico last year when she replied saying that she's making an interview about the LGBT community, she sent my some text saying some things about how hard is being homosexual in some countries and the support that we get from friends or the hate we get and more stuff, then she just asks me if I'm gay, my typical reply was a typical no and then she's says that she already knows and that it's ok, I was about to die and my nerves were killing me, I had to call my best friend for some advice and get calm down and then I just asked her if we could talk somewhere else other than Facebook; we started talking on kik and my first question to make was if Nico told her, the answer was a yes; then she told me that the interview was about how was my life being gay and stuff, so I told her everything from the beginning, to the day I realized that I'm gay, Nico's part (I never said his name) and how I came out to my friends. After I wrote those things she asked me some other stupid questions about who's my best friend and more stuff like that until she asks me what and when was the thing with Nico and I guessed that he had told her everything so I just said told her, then I get a text from her saying that it was Nico and he told me that he was really proud of me, that I would always get his support, he never cared about it and never cared the day that I told him and that he was happy about me; I told him that he was one of the best things that happened in my life, and that he's one of the reasons I'm still here, he guessed that I had tried to kill myself before, told me that true friends always support each other and then he left me with his girlfriend again and a "Te quiero" (I can't traduced that word because in English it would mean a "I love you", but it's not that strong as love, it's more of friendship and appreciation). His girlfriend and I talked a little and then we were done.

I've never felt this good before, plus it was a huge relief hearing all those words from him and telling him all those things, I couldn't stop shaking and cried a little. It felt really good.

Other things:

I apparently suffer from dysthymia, still making me some tests because I can't have maniac episodes and my psychologist is really nice and he's giving me the approval so I can get my license.

There's some huge strikes in my country right now, last week I had to leave school early on Wednesday, Thursday I couldn't go because of roadblocks and on Friday all schools got closed because the situation wasn't nice, this week got back to normal until today that there was a huge march, more protests and roadblocks so every school had to close at 1pm.