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No Sunday Starbucks update from Super Duck!!!

That has to mean she's off getting laid, no?!


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Oh my god!!

I did not get laid! (Trust me, if THAT happened, it would have been a journal entry for the ages.) I've been busy studying all day because I ended up hanging out with her for a really long time this morning and kind of neglected the fact that I have a test tomorrow... I might not get to hang out with her next weekend because her sister is coming to visit, but she said that it depends on what her sister wants to do. So I might get to meet her sister, which is super intimidating because she said her sister is her best friend in the universe.

She's so cute. We discussed ideas for our upcoming paper and talked about movies and our families and our hometowns and phases we went through as little kids (We were both Pokemon masters!!) and she randomly mentioned that she really hates to wear pants.

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Oh well... at least you had fun. Just less fun than I imagined... ;-)

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles