Planning on making a youtube channel from which to spout my opinions

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As stated in the title, I'm planning on making a youtube channel on which I'll post various videos of myself talking about random crap. I'm curious if anyone has anything they think I should talk about. I'll be posting the link on the site once I've got it up. But yeah. Thanks.


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Spout... then let them sprout!

Looking forward to see what the ever-mysterious Tophat actually looks like! Let us know when your site is up and running.

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I think the best YouTube channels sort of generate their own content eventually. Like a first journal on Oasis, any entry into a new site/community/etc. should start with some introductory things. Who are you, what's your story, hobbies, etc., not that you have to list them off all in one video, but getting people invested in you as a person sort of makes them more compelled to know what you think about everything else...

That describes my YouTube behaviors anyway...

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