Rapid Changes

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Life just went crazy all of a sudden. OMFG.

I have an interview at the fire station next week, which means that I am one step closer to being a volunteer firefighter alongside Edwin.

An old high school crush has revealed an interest for me, and I am kinda really falling for him. (I have an open relationship with Edwin, by the by).

I turn twenty on the 24th!!! I'm getting old.

In a few weeks I'm going to buy this Chrysler 5th Avenue I've had my eye on for the past month or so and then I'll be getting my actual license on Oct. 17.

I can't even begin to process everything all at once. It's so crazy. :D


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So you're a Virgo, kind of on the cusp of being a Libra. My birthday is the 27th. Anyway, Happy Birthday!
Is Edwin the guy you've been seeing with MPD? Best of luck with being hired as a firefighter. Takes a lot of balls to go into burning buildings.
It's good your relationship is open with him, perhaps the relationship with your former crush would be less chaotic. Sounds like an easy decision.
A Chrysler 5th ave. huh? Not a huge fan of Chrysler. They do make a decent engine(for the trucks, that is) but it's all the other parts that usually are the biggest problem. Plus, Chrysler is a bitch to deal with, when it comes to warranty issues. It is a nice looking car though. Whatever you do, don't ever buy the Dodge Intrepid, nothing but problems.

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I'm a pyro, so fire interests me. lol. and i guess i will never even look at a dodge intrepid. i know how to take a warning.

a psychotic pencilist, moe

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A friend at school always says she wants to burn down the school

and asks for ways to get away with arson. So I guess that puts us at opposite ends, but congratulations anyway!

I'm with Bosemaster42 on congratulating you also for finding someone who's cool with open relationships.

I wish I had a license, but I'm too lazy to get one. Same with a job.

Also, you may find this interesting, considering the date of your birthday:


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omg, always imagine myself burning shit down to the ground...

maybe i shouldn be a firefighter???

also, im not sure what the purpose of those videos are for, but that made me laugh!!!

a psychotic pencilist, moe