Second Year of Being a COllege Student...

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I really hate college. The teachers practically just spout series of random words and numbers, expecting me to keep up. I want to scream and leave. Shortly after leaving, I would get tons of tattoos and go into the adult entertainment industry. Yes, porn. At least I can get paid for having a big butt in that industry. I'm skinny enough for fashion modeling, but not tall enough, so I think porn modeling shall do.

haha. No, I'm just going to be a big boy and shuffle through this. It is my will to finish this, and I shall finish this. Besides, I have to be successful for myself and my future family. I can't support a family by working at walmart forever. Ewwww...... walmart. I just had a flashback. :/

Anyways, just keep swimming, Moe. Just keep on a going....


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You're 20+ years too late to make good money in porn. The Internet killed the true days where that was a viable income (and even then, the studio always made exponentially more than the "talent"). Now, your porn career is one of the means to attract people to see you go-go dance at clubs, and eventually escort. Nothing against those, but the notion that you'll make a few movies and not need a career is pure fantasy, definitely moreso since the early 90s.

College is way easier longterm, and may keep you employed into your 30s.

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well, there goes my dream.

but I guess I would rather be gainfully employed in my thirties. lol.

a psychotic pencilist, moe