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I forgot to mention, recently I got a job, that is to say slowly my soul is being crushed.

i.e. I'm sign shaking for Value Village. Getting a job is hard, I applied at like a billion places and this is the only one I ever heard back from in any capacity.
(All my friends that have jobs got them either through a relative or even just a friend who already worked there, told them when to apply, vouched for them, etc.)
So I took it.
It's better than a Turkish prison, most of the time. You just listen to music, feebly wobble the sign, and pace and pace and pace for albums and albums of music. (On today's 5 hour shift I got through Dark Side of the Moon, the Wall, Obscured by Clouds, and one and a half New Pornographers albums before I was yanked inside to help with the shopping rush.)

Good things:
I get money for it. Not much, minimum wage, though Washington has the best in the country (9.19 an hour).
Which is saying something. I've had years of getting lots of volunteer work milked out of me for free.

While it's mindless and not at all engaging, it is so mindless and un-engaging that I can actually totally zone out into the netherworld and not be in any danger of losing my job.

Really, it's not that horrible. Sure, the hours drag, but it's hardly like I'd be doing anything productive with that time anyway.

About a third of most shifts I get pulled in to the store to help with the shopping rush, and I'm not sure which one's worse. You can't listen to music inside, but it's warm and the air isn't putrid with car smoke.
But then again the tasks are engaging enough to prohibit totally zoning out but not engaging enough to be particularly interesting.

Either way, this job is, as of now, temporary, I've only been in it for a few weeks and it's only guaranteed through October for the Halloween season. At that point I either get let into the store or let into the ether.

In any case, my only immediate need for money, which hopefully this job can satisfy, is I want to take rock climbing classes, which are expensive as shit and I'll probably need to pay for most of it (almost $500 for the class itself plus books and equipment...)

I was going to say something else, but I'm tired, and I need to get homework done. Oh yeah, and Breaking Bad ended tonight. Good for it, the ending was predictably melodramatic.


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Get practicing!

"You don't know you're beautiful." - Harry Styles

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Yeah... you mentioned it earlier...

but minus those dreary details! :(

I hope it's only weekends (maybe just Sundays?). It makes me feel that continuing with volunteer activities would be more rewarding... besides their being more useful for your resumés.

But... that'd leave the critical issue of fulous (money) unresolved... :(

Oh, well... let's hope prospects improve after Halloween. :)


Edit: My error; I forgot to add this line to your subject...

This is the leaving of another love.

Which, obliges me to repeat myself (ad nauseam?): Will we ever hear anything encouraging about B?

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I'm looking for a job as well. I'm a little worried I'll have to resort to the same thing; I'd rather not, given Florida's charming climate of one-hundred per-cent humidity and one-hundred-and-five degree weather.

Well, at least it's something, aye?

* * *

In conclusion,

I am the Walrus, koo-koo kachoo. Q.E.D., bitches.